Alluvio IQ: Solve Problems Fast at Any IT Skill Level

IT has a problem–well, quite a few problems. Monitoring tools are supposed to help network teams find and fix tech problems, but all too often, they simply offer a flood of data and alerts that lack context or provide actionable insights.

As a result, IT professionals spend a lot of time in war rooms trying to figure out how to solve problems and are often forced to turn to a few highly skilled, senior-level individuals who understand how to manually investigate and troubleshoot issues. These experienced experts are in short supply, and their time is better spent on helping implement strategic initiatives rather than having to figure out why the network is down again.

There’s also the challenge of disparate, siloed tools that fail to provide IT with a holistic technology to enable seamless digital experiences. But finally, there’s a solution that can unite IT teams—Alluvio IQ. Discover how this new unified observability platform is the long-hoped-for solution to the many challenges plaguing IT teams.

What is Alluvio IQ?

Alluvio IQ is a cloud-native, SaaS-delivered unified observability product that correlates data across Alluvio Network Performance Management and Alluvio Aternity Digital Experience Management to detect and resolve critical events, even in hybrid work and hybrid cloud environments. Alluvio IQ achieves this by analyzing 10+ million data points per minute. By capturing all data points rather than relying on sample data, you’ll never miss a performance problem. Best of all, Alluvio IQ surfaces context-rich data so teams can quickly understand the problem and how to solve it.

Below, we explore how Alluvio IQ:

  • Heavily reduces the volume of alerts IT teams receive.
  • Delivers context-rich, actionable insights that empower staff at all levels to solve problems faster and without escalating.
  • Provides investigative workflows to automate the process of gathering contextual evidence.

Applying Intelligence to Problem Detection

While competing tools correlate based solely on time or keywords, Alluvio IQ applies over 10,000 correlations per minute across time series, devices, locations, and applications to provide greater insights. And unlike rule-based products that are often improperly defined and applied to single metrics, Alluvio IQ applies different models to a range of metrics using AI-powered baselining, thresholds, change detection and correlations.

What this means for IT teams: IT teams can be more proactive about identifying and fixing issues before they can frustrate users, ensuring smooth digital experiences.

What it means for the business: Riverbed’s intelligent automation facilitates quicker resolutions by providing the context IT needs to troubleshoot more easily and effectively. IT professionals can spend more time implementing strategic initiatives that add value to the business, rather than using their time to keep current technologies up and running.

Democratize Knowledge Through Scripted Investigations

Senior-level IT professionals are a wealth of knowledge, and best understand how to work out and troubleshoot issues. All too often, level 1 and 2 staff must turn to them for help in troubleshooting. But not anymore.

Alluvio IQ codifies its expert troubleshooting knowledge so junior IT professionals no longer have to escalate. It features automated investigative workflows designed to replicate the best practices of expert IT teams. These no-code runbooks are customizable so additional workflows can be created using a highly graphical, easy-to-use interface.

What this means for IT teams: These pre-built runbooks gather evidence, build context, and set priorities to accelerate mean time to resolution (MTTR), reduce escalations, and turn knowledge that resides in the minds of a few experts into knowledge that is usable by everyone within IT.

What it means for the business: It allows senior-level staff to reclaim their time so they can focus on high-priority projects that can take the business to the next level.

All the Information IT Needs in One Place

According to a recent IDC survey, “54% of organizations use six or more discrete tools for IT monitoring and management. Yet, 60% of respondents agree that most monitoring tools serve narrow requirements and fail to enable a unified and complete view of current operating conditions.”

Simply put, IT teams are using too many tools and still don’t receive the precise information they need to take action. In fact, the tools are drowning them in unusable data and signals, contributing to alert fatigue.

Alluvio IQ remedies the persistent headache of too much data. It’s a single, comprehensive solution that leverages AI and ML to unify and correlate network performance and end-user experience data.

What it means for IT teams: A significant reduction in the volume of alerts and a single source of truth that surfaces the most business-critical events. The solution reduces time spent in war rooms, finger-pointing, and excessive escalations, resulting in happier and more productive IT teams.

What it means for the business: Businesses can rely on the power of Alluvio IQ and immediately realize a return on investment.

Alluvio IQ Promotes Happier Teams and Customers

From excessive alerts to tribal knowledge, Alluvio IQ reduces the pain points IT teams encounter so they can better improve digital experiences for customers and employees, making everyone happier all around.

Discover how Alluvio IQ can positively impact your business and IT team by signing up for a free trial today.

This post was first first published on Riverbed Blog’s website by Heidi Gabrielson. You can view it by clickinghere