Operating a small business can be overwhelming, as you are forced to do more with less resources.

That is why you need a holistic data security solution that allow you to focus on growing your business without worrying about the numerous disasters and cyberattacks that threaten your data and operations.

It is essential to choose a solution that covers the three major attack layers of data, identity and infrastructure; otherwise, you have a higher risk of data breaches due to blind spots

Identity is the new perimeter. Secure the identities of users and admins to protect your data and systems.

Data is what threat actors are after, so make sure you can secure it properly.

Protect it all, from endpoints to servers, and from the data center to the cloud.

Identify, Protect, Detect, Respond and Recover with REAL Security and Netwrix

See how you can overcome 5 core business challenges in a connected way with solutions from REAL Security and Netwrix:

- Active Directory Security

Secure even the most complex Active Directory and Azure AD from end to end.

- Compliance

Prove compliance with hard evidence and slash time spent on audits and preparation.

- Ransomware Protection

Mitigate the risk of ransomware infections and limit their impact on data and operations.

- Privileged Access Management

Minimize the risks inherent in privileged access and take admin activity under control.

- Data Access Governance

Reduce the likelihood of a data breach by controlling access to data.

Get the Comprehensive Protection You Need

Netwrix data security solutions are scalable and easy to deploy, even in large and complex infrastructures, and protect data no matter where it resides. Find the products that fit your company’s needs:


More and more organizations, regardless of size or industry, are recognizing the value of conducting regular internal and external IT audits. The benefits are many: IT auditing can help you improve security, pass compliance audits and optimize IT operations. But all too often, the process is far more cumbersome and time-consuming than it needs to be.

Netwrix Change Tracker

Take the guesswork out of hardening critical systems with customizable build templates based on respected standards. Maintain secure configurations without a flood of false alarms thanks to intelligent file integrity monitoring and coordination with your ITSM tool. Check your security and compliance posture at any time, and ease the burden of passing compliance audits with CIS-certified reports.

Netwrix StealthAUDIT

Meet today’s strict regulations and protect your sensitive information against powerful cyberthreats like ransomware. Identify the sensitive data you store, limit access to that data to the required minimum, and maintain least privilege with regular access reviews.


Stop leaving privileged accounts available for attackers to compromise and insiders to misuse! Instead, provide admins with temporary, least-privilege access on demand. Further reduce the risk of business disruptions and audit findings by managing and tracking all privileged activity in one place.

Netwrix StealthDEFEND

Ransomware and other devastating cyberattacks are not a matter of if, but when.

Ensure you can quickly spot and respond to abnormal behavior around your sensitive data, including today’s advanced attacks, with high accuracy.

Netwrix StealthINTERCEPT

Promptly identify authentication-based and file system threats, abuse of privileged accounts, and critical changes to your IT environment. Lock down your most critical assets before weaknesses can be exploited and your organization lands in the headlines.

Netwrix StealthRECOVER

A single improper change to Active Directory, whether accidental or deliberate, can lead to a data breach or costly business disruptions. Native tools don’t make it easy to revert these critical changes — but Netwrix StealthRECOVER does. You can quickly recover entire AD objects or just a single attribute to a known good state, without downtime.

Netwrix PolicyPak

Many endpoint management tools are simply not designed for the modern hybrid workforce, where users access their devices not just at the office but at home, while traveling and more.

Netwrix PolicyPak enables you to manage and secure your endpoints wherever users get work done.

Why choose Netwrix solutions?

To provide you with reliable data security solutions, REAL Security partners with leading software vendors.
Netwrix makes data security easy. More than 11,500 organizations worldwide rely on Netwrix solutions to secure sensitive data regardless of where it resides, pass compliance audits with far less effort and expense, and increase the productivity of their IT teams and knowledge workers.


Industry awards have been earned by Netwrix