We know data. It’s who we are.

From our earliest beginnings more than a decade ago, we focused on protecting data. As McAfee Enterprise, we continued to innovate, and now we are proud to launch as Skyhigh Security.

We created Skyhigh Security because in this cloud-first world, people are still using the same old approach to protecting their data. Even though the cloud’s promise is to relieve the burden on IT, security solutions have not kept up. You deployed the cloud because it’s easy. Protecting the data should be easy too.

We were among the first to recognize the cloud’s potential and knew that protecting data in this new hybrid world required an entirely new approach. We make managing your web and unifying your data policies easy to create and enforce, giving you a single console to provide visibility across all of your infrastructure.

We go beyond data access and focus on data use, allowing organizations to collaborate from any device and from anywhere without sacrificing their security.

Protect Your Critical Data Across a Fully Integrated Cloud Security Platform

Data-Aware Cloud Security

Security shouldn’t feel like a barrier to digital transformation—we see it as a powerful accelerator. With adaptive data protection and resilience built from the inside out, you have security embedded in every initiative.

Our Industry-Leading Security Service Edge Solutions


  • Security Service Edge – Secures data across the web, cloud (SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS), and private apps—from anywhere, any application, and any device
  • Cloud Access Security Broker – Transform your cloud footprint from a black box to an open book with our industry-leading CASB, an integrated component of Skyhigh Security SSE
  • Secure Web Gateway – Understand and govern your web access to protect users from zero-day threats and enforce data protection everywhere with a mature, web security solution and an integrated component of Skyhigh Security SSE
  • Private Access – Secure access to private applications using the industry’s first data-aware Zero Trust Network Access solution, an integrated component of Skyhigh Security SSE
  • Cloud-Native Application Protection Platform – Secure your enterprise cloud-native application ecosystem using the industry’s first comprehensive, automated, and frictionless platform

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Product manager at REAL security for Skyhigh Security is Matic Knuplez:
GSM / Viber / WhatsApp: +386 41 470 511


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