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Setting up a vendors business in Adriatic region is expensive and risky. The market is diverse, 7 different languages are spoken in this small region and every country is especially precarious due to strict labor laws and regulations. Often vendors are wary of trying to enter the Adriatic market because they are afraid to fail, as other companies have done before. If they do attempt to enter the Adriatic market, many try to do it with as few risks and costs as possible. Often this means managing our region from the UK, signing with a large distributor and hoping they can drum up sales independently. In the end, this approach does not work well since it is clear to potential customers and partners that there is not a serious investment in the market. Before a company is willing to invest in a new solution, they want to be sure that there is a local infrastructure to support them, both now and in the future.


The vendor is unable to find projects or sign channel partners so they won’t spend money, but you can’t find the projects or partners until you invest time and money. Often the vendors tries this unsustainable approach multiple times with different distributors, but never establishes themselves in the market and never gets a profitable share.

On the other side, there are companies who made a substantial initial investment, are joining and supporting our sales and marketing initiatives. In recent years these include McAfee, FireEye, Micro Focus, Forcepoint and few others. These companies invested money upfront in their expansion to Adriatic market, with no guarantee of success, as even with a large monetary investment, it still largely depends on the people you hire.

History has shown that this is the only way to get projects and to earn money. There has never been a vendor who successfully independently entered the Adriatic market without investing a few thousand of euros in the beginning.

By partnering with REAL security d.o.o., companies can successfully enter the Adriatic market with significantly fewer risks and costs. We have a proven model that provides companies with the local infrastructure, knowledge and experience necessary to get resellers on board, introduce technology, train and be successful on this demanding market.

Why cooperate with REAL security?

We build strong partnership with VARs, managed service providers, integrators and WISPs, with each vendor on its portfolio. Working hard to sign groundbreaking vendors, while also providing partners with every support channel possible, REAL security builds long lasting and sustainable relationships.

The changes in technology and in costumer demands are constant. Keeping pace with this change is a reality that every leader faces and with a strong technology partner, this challenge transforms into an incredible opportunity. In the mean time advances in cloud computing and application modernization are enabling organizations to innovate and scale, while big data initiatives are helping them to manage and make sense of expanding data streams. We have the experience, insight and deep industry knowledge to pair partners with companies with powerful solutions that will help them to streamline, automate and innovate, without breaking the bank.

“At REAL security your needs are our priority!”

We use our expertise and professional integrity to develop mutually beneficial business relationships with our partners and to provide you with the most cost-effective solution. We provide our partners the best buying experience possible with an outstanding service and personal approach.

1. Business Development for Partners

REAL security has one of the most focused value-add sales teams of any distributor in the Adriatic region. We help you in presales process and driving extra sales for you. Our sales team is structured to help you get maximum value from your sales activity and to guarantee easy access to all the resources you need. Through the provision of additional services that boost customer retention and development for our Partners and through the fast and accurate delivery of products and solutions, our value-added services are saving you both time and money.


2. Marketing, presales and PR

Our marketing team has the know-how to help generate more opportunities for your business.

We do:

  • Lead qualification.
  • Opportunity identification.
  • Building sales pipeline and forecast management.
  • SALES FORCE system data entry.
  • SALES FORCE data and activity management.
  • Sending product or service information.
  • Sending price information.
  • Proposal creation.
  • Internal request for special pricing.
  • Follow-up on all sales related activities.
  • Presentations.
  • Demo arrangement.
  • Online sales presentations.
  • Customer management.
  • Personal sales assistant.

We use various marketing tools and techniques:

  • Direct Mailings
  • Social groups (LinkedIn, Facebook)
  • Telemarketing
  • Lead Generation Campaigns
  • Trade Shows
  • Advertising
  • Publicity
  • Public Relations
  • Business Management Consulting


We produce PR awareness for solutions and product communications that set us apart from the rest of the competition.

  •     full service for local presence of all our vendors,
  •     know-how regarding ethnic differences,
  •     an understanding of the needs of various clients in Adriatic region.

We distribute press releases, images and videos to all relevant media through our well-established personal relationships with the press.

We Target:

  • experts,
  • analysts,
  • major multipliers.


3. Logistics

We pride ourselves on our efficient and reliable delivery service. We react flexibly to your needs.

We offer:

  • cost-effective, value-added, domestic and international transportation,
  • prioritized order processing,
  • optimal delivery dates,
  • dispatch confirmation and status emails.

Quality of service and customer satisfaction is IMPORTANT to us. We choose the highest standard carriers available, leveraging both global and local partnerships, and use our experience in international trade and customs to ensure your shipment arrives where and when it’s needed.


4. Integration Services

We aim to exceed customer expectations by helping our Business Partners shorten cycle times and reduce costs. We offer configuration and integration capabilities. With our certified engineers, we can help you deliver completely engineered and customized solutions in a timely and cost-effective way.

Our technical team gives you the services you need to pursue new markets or product lines.

  • Reseller training and support.
  • Pre-sales support and validation of configuration.
  • Integration to customer specifications.
  • Production, testing of designs and assembly of systems.

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