Top Six VMworld 2020 Sessions and Activities for a Threat Hunter

I’m excited to be a part of VMworld 2020 as a speaker and as a member of VMware Carbon Black. This year at VMworld 2020, hundreds of security experts will take the virtual stage and unveil how to implement a truly unified security approach. Sign up for free now and learn how intrinsic security simplifies protecting multi-cloud environments, the digital workspace, and modern applications.

While there are so many compelling sessions, talks and demos at this year’s event, I wanted to highlight the top six activities that are extremely for threat hunters and technical users.

Be sure to check out the following:

  1. Cloud City – This interactive learning and demonstration space showcases the future of enterprise-defining cloud technology. Learn how VMware Cloud solutions can help you achieve business value, guided by experts at the forefront of cloud innovation.
  2. Demo Zone and Hands-on Labs – VMworld 2020 has many ways you can gain knowledge with our products. Explore self-paced labs, expert led workshops and more while collaborating with experts and learning more about the VMware portfolio.
  3. Odyssey –  VMware Odyssey  is a gamification of Hands-on Labs designed to engage, challenge, and showcase user’s expertise across the VMware portfolio. It’s a unique and compelling way to immerse yourself in some of our VMware products and solutions.
  4. Become a Threat Hunter Session – Join me for a special discussion on what threat hunting is and how to use VMware Carbon Black Cloud Enterprise EDR. During this session, you will have access to an environment to test your learned skills and gain hands-on experience.
  5. The “Future Ready” Security Operations Center – Get strategic and actionable insights from Tom Corn, SVP of Security Products at VMware Carbon Black as he discusses the importance of an InfoSec team. Additionally, Tom will be unveiling major advancements with the VMware Carbon Black Cloud that will have an enormous impact on addressing the evolving challenges facing a modern SOC.
  6. The Threat Landscape: Everything Old is New Again Roundtable Discussion – Hear from Jimmy Astle, Senior Threat Researcher at VMware Carbon Black on the measurable uptick in ransomware, phishing and other socially-engineered attacks. This discussion will draw from the experiences of the attendees and offer thoughts on the challenges of detecting and responding to threats during the pandemic and beyond.

There are so many other compelling reasons to attend and participate in VMworld 2020. It’s truly a great way for all us security professionals and folks interested in strengthening their security to come together and share insights.

Be sure to sign up today and save your seat!

See you at VMworld 2020!

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