DXC and PwC –Platinum Sponsors of Micro Focus Virtual Universe

Micro Focus would like to formally recognize and thank our Micro Focus Virtual Universe Platinum sponsors DXC and PwC. Both of these organizations have long standing partnerships with Micro Focus and we are delighted to feature their Platinum Partner Sessions on Thursday, May 21st from 12:00-1:00 pm CST.

Better together

Micro Focus and DXC Technology have over 40 years of technology integrations and partnership together. DXC is the world’s leading independent and end-to-end IT services company. DXC helps guide businesses of all sizes on their digital transformation journey; multiplying their capabilities and helping them harness the power of innovation that thrives on change. DXC has brought leading innovation to clients for more than 60 years; serving nearly 6,000 private and public sector enterprises across 70 countries. Customers benefit from their independence, global talent, expertise and extensive partner network. Together, DXC and Micro Focus are uniquely positioned to help customers with digital transformation. A great example of this is DXC Bionix™, a digital-generation services delivery model that provides intelligent automation at scale.  With solutions powered by DXC Bionix™ and Micro Focus, clients can maximize performance and value – to accelerate their digital transformations from mainframe to cloud, to mobile. To learn more about the Micro Focus and DXC relationship go here.

Micro Focus and PwC have enjoyed over a decade long strategic alliance relationship. Together, we serve our joint customers across multiple industry verticals with our best-in-class software and PwC’s Professional Services. This week, we are fortunate to have over 40 participants from PwC representing US, Canada, Mexico and Brazil. PwC believes in working together with its customers and partners to deliver ongoing value. This is evident in the Micro Focus partnership where over the past year PwC and Micro Focus have partnered to build a joint solution offering called Business Agility Platform (BAP). This offering will provide organizations with an end-to-end Digital Transformation solution. BAP starts with a solid foundation built on the Micro Focus Enterprise DevOps Model Office and bundled with PwC’s industry-specific business transformation capabilities providing a differentiated solution that brings together business, experience and technology to addresses new ways of working together to help customers accelerate their transformation journey. To learn more about the Micro Focus and PwC relationship go here.

Micro Focus Universe Session Highlights:

DXC Platinum Partner Session: Scaling DevSecOps – Robert Haas, DXC – 12:00-12:30 pm CST

While increasing the use of DevSecOps methodologies isn’t always straight forward, there are a few lessons from the field that can improve your experience.  Join this Platinum Partner session as we discuss pipeline control points, lifecycle visibility, and security.

PwC Platinum Partner Session A: Delivering Business Outcomes with Business Agility Platform – PwC 12:00-12:30 pm CST

Competitive advantage stems from the agility and speed to capture market opportunities. As the pace of change accelerates, enterprises rely on a pipeline of software (home grown, off-the-self, SaaS) to be deployed quickly and flawlessly to deliver business outcomes. In this session, attendees will learn how PwC’s Business Agility Platform leverages Agile and DevOps tools and methodologies, along with PwC’s proprietary BXT (Business eXperience Technology), to drive delivery of products and solutions. By combining technical expertise with industry knowledge and Human Centric Design (HCD), PwC will show how mission critical software and tools are integrated, automated, and orchestrated with Micro Focus DevOps tools to deliver business agility.

PwC Platinum Partner Session B: Journey to Data Privacy and Data Trust – PwC 12:30-1:00 pm CST

Our digital society relies on information. We use the information to gain insights, communicate and to act accordingly. Information is the base for knowledge, serving as the backbone for many successful enterprises. Proper protection and the ethical use of sensitive information are at the heart of privacy and trust.   We’ll over how PwC’s thought leadership and industry leading practices in helping organizations safeguard data by reduce data theft and leakage, protecting the integrity of data, data-driven processes and decisions, and managing privacy risks.

See you in the #DX Zone?

More information about DXC and PwC can be found in the Universe Digital Transformation Zone and their Partner Showcases.  On 5/21 from 1:00-3:00 pm CST visitors can “chat live” with DXC and PwC to learn more, ask questions, or speak with their consultants to set up future meetings.

Micro Focus would also like to thank and recognize DXC and PwC for sponsoring Micro Focus Virtual Universe and supporting those monies being distributed to the Center for Disaster Philanthropy’s COVID-19 Response Fund.

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