Clouds Are Great, Secure Clouds Are the Greatest

The cloud continues to expand, from consumer life to business operations. Many of us seamlessly crossover apps such as music streaming, file sharing, instant messaging, video conferencing and maybe even a shopping list in a given day. With infinite scalability, lower operating costs and accessibility from just about any device, cloud has a compelling competitive advantage.

However, where there is popular new technology there is a threat actor that will try to exploit it, and that’s exactly what’s been happening with the cloud—so much that it is now in the top threat vectors for attackers. To make matters worse, cloud represents a significant blind spot for many security solutions and teams.

Let FireEye Help You Control Your Cloud

FireEye offers a unique portfolio of cloud solutions that can protect data in the cloud, and we are excited to highlight them during our upcoming FireEye Virtual Summit. Here are just a few ways FireEye can help keep organizations secure in the cloud:

  • Cloudvisory: One consistent interface for monitoring and managing distributed, dynamic multi-cloud environments enables organizations to take control over their cloud infrastructure. FireEye Cloudvisory is a control center for cloud security management that delivers visibility, compliance and governance to any cloud environment—all from a single console. This can be a real game changer organizations as true cloud security is about first understanding what is in the cloud so controls can then be put in place to protect that infrastructure.
  • Detection on Demand: FireEye Detection on Demand is a threat detection cloud service that scans content on demand to identify resident malware. Detection on Demand delivers flexible file and content scanning capabilities to a cloud, SOC or SIEM, or to files uploaded to web applications to identify file-borne threats and validate files and content with the latest threat intelligence from the front lines. Teams can deploy Detection on Demand across their entire cloud ecosystem, including trusted solutions such as, Office365, and Slack—the integration is simple.
  • Messaging Security: Microsoft Teams and Slack are messaging platforms that enable employees to chat, share files and URLs, make presentations and more so employees can be productive at work. The open nature and increasing use of these messaging tools, however, carries inherent risks that can result in a major security breach. Microsoft Teams and Slack are typically unmonitored and can lead to security breaches from within an organization. FireEye Messaging Security provides the critical protection needed to help prevent security breaches while giving internal team members the confidence to collaborate securely. Our industry-leading threat intelligence and detection efficacy allow business teams and coworkers to share files and URLs inside or outside of the organization with confidence. Current FireEye Email Security customers can participate in this early access program by emailing [email protected].

Learn More at FireEye Virtual Summit

For more insight into the solutions that address complex cloud environments, and to learn how to prevent, detect and respond to security threats in the cloud, please join us for the “Take Control of Cloud Environments” webinar on June 9. The session is part of our upcoming FireEye Virtual Summit from June 9-11, where cloud experts will additionally cover:

  • Ways to gain greater visibility across hybrid, public, private, and multi-cloud environments
  • Expectations of the shared responsibility model
  • Pitfalls when approaching a move to the cloud
  • Best practices based on real-world use cases

Please also check out related sessions to learn more about how FireEye secures any environment, as well as learn great tips and tricks straight from the experts.

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