Advancing Cyber Risk Management: From Security to Resilience

Over the past few years, the ever-evolving cyber threat landscape and the dire and impactful consequences of cyber attacks has led to large-scale cyber attacks and data fraud ranking in the top five of most
likely risks worldwide. Despite growing anxieties about cyber threats,
cyber resilience strategies and investments continue to lag.

Globally, the time
taken to discover a data breach has decreased since 2017
, but
organizations in the Asia-Pacific region are still taking four months
longer than the global median. Internet users are growing 10 times
faster than global population, exponentially increasing the surface
area of attack.

The total cost of cybercrime continues to grow rapidly too,
amounting to a reported $600 billion in 2018, a third more than in 2016. Over the same period, investments in cyber security only increased by 10 percent.

While there is no easy fix for these challenges, we are seeing steps
being taken in the right direction. The regulatory climate continues
to change, and we see increased understanding of cyber risks at
corporate leadership level.

Organizations are increasingly aiming to shift from cyber security
to cyber resilience. This means they must understand the threats they
are facing, measure the potential financial impact of cyber exposures
and compare this against the board’s risk appetite level, and
proactively manage cyber risks by having clear action plans based on
their capabilities and capacities to protect against cybercrime.

Following on from our first collaboration in 2018, FireEye and Marsh
& McLennan Companies – each a cyber leader in their own fields –
have produced another white paper, Advancing
Cyber Risk Management: From Security to Resilience
, that
will help organizations understand the changed cyber threat landscape
and build and strengthen their enterprise cyber resilience.

Read the white paper today to learn about a variety of security topics, including:

  • Cyber risk as a top
    concern for organizations worldwide
  • Key drivers of cyber
  • Complications that impact cyber resilience
  • How to line up your defense
  • Call for action towards a
    more resilient future

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