Enabling simple and secure external file sharing and collaboration

We’ve all experienced this scenario before: You finish collaborating with your team on a document and have it stored in your organization’s content management system, but now it must be shared with one or more external vendors for their input.

In most organizations, the document now starts the email journey back and forth with the vendor for input and revision. Meanwhile, as collaboration progresses, you must remember to manually update the original document stored in your enterprise content management system to keep the versioning the same between the master document and the version traveling via email.

But wait — did you miss an email? Because the vendor is referring to “version 3” in their latest email, but you can’t seem to find version 2. And it’s really frustrating not having a complete audit trail because you’re not certain who made the latest round of edits. Is everyone who needs to be included in the version the external vendors are currently reviewing?

Additionally, you’ve just heard that this document is being shared by your vendor with sub-contractors without your organization’s knowledge or consent — a problem that’s exacerbated when more than one external vendor is involved. You don’t know who to approach about the governance breach. The fact is the moment you circulated the document externally via email, you lost the ability to keep it secure and retrieve it if needed.

But there is a solution. OpenText™ Content Suite and OpenText™ Extended ECM now feature bi-directional synchronization with OpenText™ Core — enabling simple, trackable external collaboration on documents, while adhering to corporate governance policies.

Check out the below SlideShare to understand how to securely share and collaborate on content with external parties from within Content Suite and Extended ECM.

Content sharing is easy and secure between OpenText Core and Content Suite or Extended ECM.

bi-directional synchronization between Content Suite and Extended ECM and OpenText Core improves the ease of sharing and collaborating on content with large groups inside and outside the enterprise. It ensures everyone with permission has quick access to the most up-to-date version of a document, while adhering to corporate security, compliance and privacy protocols.

For Content Suite and Extended ECM users, OpenText Core creates a safe space where documents and folders can be shared with external customers and partners, while still retaining administrative control.

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