Download Microsoft Vulnerabilities Report 2017 presented by Avecto

REAL security and Avecto are kindly inviting you to download and look through one of this year’s most valuable cybersecurity assets – the Microsoft Vulnerabilities Report 2017.

The report reviews the latest vulnerability trends and reveals that the number of published vulnerabilities has risen by 111% over five years. The results make a compelling case for least privilege, finding that of the 235 Critical vulnerabilities reported in 2017, 80% would be mitigated by removing local admin rights from users. This figure rises to 88% if we consider all Critical vulnerabilities from the last five years.


Avecto’s Microsoft Vulnerabilities Report is a significant annual analysis of how the majority of Microsoft vulnerabilities can be mitigated by simply removing admin rights in your organization.
– Dr. Eric Cole, Founder & CEO of Secure Anchor Consulting


Three reasons to download the report:

  • A detailed breakdown of all Microsoft vulnerabilities announced in 2017
  • A comprehensive 5-year trend analysis focussing on specific vulnerabilities
  • Comments from some of the world’s most influential cyber security experts


You can download the report on the below link:



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