Hackcess denied: Remove admin rights, remove the keys – webinar by Avecto

REAL security is inviting you to attend Avecto’s exclusive webinar, titled Hackcess denied: Remove admin rights, remove the keys, hosted by Sami Laiho, Microsoft MVP and ethical hacker, on March 15th 2018.

3 reasons to attend:

  • Learn directly from a hacker to expose real vulnerabilities in your organization
  • Understand why the removal of admin rights stops a hacker in their tracks
  • Discover how your workforce can remain productive, even without admin accounts


The dangers of admin rights are well documented, but do you understand the real risk is to your business? Let me show you the hidden hacks waiting to be exploited.
– Sami Laiho


This detailed webinar will reveal the basic techniques a hacker can utilize to breach your entire organization’s security network. Sami also offers his thoughts on the 2017 Microsoft Vulnerabilities Report, which contains all the evidence you need to make the business case for endpoint privilege management.

Register for the webinar by visiting the below link:


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