McAfee Enterprise SSE business relaunched as Skyhigh Security

McAfee Enterprise SSE business relaunched at the end of March as Skyhigh Security – The industry’s most visionary platform (according to Gartner) which allows our customers to operate through a single control plane, CASB, SWG and ZTNA.

SkyhighSecurity is helping organizations secure all users, as they access the web, cloud services and private applications. Securing all data regardless of where it sits!

◾️ Security Service Edge
◾️ Cloud Access Security Broker
◾️ Secure Web Gateway
◾️ Private Access
◾️ Cloud-Native Application Protection Platform

With the majority of users accessing data in the cloud, and accessing it from everywhere, we need a better approach. An approach where organizations don’t have to make tradeoffs between Access centric Security and Data centric security. They can and should have both!

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