TRIDENT HSM is the first hardware security module (HSM) in the world to combine high-level hardware security and multi-party computation in order to provide the highest level of data protection required in business.

The unique and revolutionary solution developed by i4p, a Hungarian company founded by leading cryptography experts, offers exceptional security, authentication and encryption for organizations ranging from SMB’s to large enterprises, including financial institutions that have to comply with the strictest regulations. TRIDENT HSM received the Common Criteria (CC) EAL4+ certification which is the highest level of certification available for HSM modules in Europe.

TRIDENT HSM is easy to integrate and provides multiple functions for different use cases, offering an ideal solution for data protection challenges in several industries including banking and financial services, government and manufacturing as well as data safekeepers and qualified trust service providers.

Large enterprises and small and medium-sized businesses struggle with cybersecurity concerns worldwide on a daily basis while they also have to comply with strict regulations. TRIDENT HSM enables these organizations to ensure outstanding security for their sensitive data and meet the requirements of the most common standards including GDPR, eIDAS and PSD2.

The core of the solution is the unique and patent pending multi-party computation technology that has never been used in HSM modules before. This revolutionary design is the intellectual property of the founders of i4p, the leading cryptography professionals of the region.

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