Unleashing the Power of SOC Triage: Cybereason, Logrhythm, and ExtraHop

In today’s dynamic cybersecurity landscape, it’s crucial to establish a robust security infrastructure that can effectively detect, respond to, and mitigate threats. That’s why I’m thrilled to introduce you to an unbeatable combination of industry-leading vendors that form the ultimate SOC triangle: Cybereason for Endpoint Detection and Response (#EDR), Logrhythm for Security Information and Event Management (#SIEM) and Security Orchestration, Automation, and Response (#SOAR), and ExtraHop (or Logrhythm) for Network Detection and Response (#NDR).

Let’s take a closer look at each component and how they contribute to your overall security posture:

Logrhythm - Unifying SIEM and SOAR:

Logrhythm’s comprehensive SIEM and SOAR solutions provide the foundation for efficient security operations. Collect and correlate vast amounts of security event data, detect potential threats, and proactively respond. Streamline incident response workflows through automation and orchestration. Enhance your security team’s capabilities and enforce consistent incident response processes.

Cybereason - Empowering Endpoint Security:

With Cybereason’s cutting-edge EDR technology, your organization gains unparalleled visibility and protection at the endpoint level. Detect and respond to advanced threats, such as fileless attacks and ransomware, in real-time. Safeguard your endpoints and keep your digital assets secure.

ExtraHop - Unveiling Network Visibility:

Network Detection and Response (NDR) is a crucial aspect of any comprehensive security strategy. ExtraHop’s NDR solution offers unparalleled visibility into your network traffic. Leverage advanced analytics and machine learning to detect anomalous behavior, identify potential threats, and respond swiftly. Gain real-time insights into network activity and fortify your network against emerging threats.

By combining the strengths of Cybereason, Logrhythm, and ExtraHop, you establish a formidable SOC triage solution that covers all aspects of security operations. This holistic approach empowers your security team to identify, investigate, and remediate threats across endpoints, network infrastructure, and security events with heightened efficiency and accuracy.
Interested in learning more? Reach out to us for a detailed discussion on how this powerful combination can benefit your organization. Our team of experts is ready to provide insights, answer your questions, and guide you through the implementation process.

Protect your organization from evolving threats with the ultimate SOC triangle: Cybereason, Logrhythm, and ExtraHop. Strengthen your security posture and gain peace of mind.

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