Micro Focus Sponsors Grace Hopper Celebration 2022

Micro Focus is proud to be part of the Grace Hopper Celebration to help shape a more inclusive and gender-balanced technology industry – while also empowering members of our SHINE employee network to develop and grow their careers.

At Micro Focus, delivering on our mission relies on the power of a diverse and inclusive workforce. A workforce that reflects the many aspects of the customers, suppliers, and communities we serve around the world, and promotes equal opportunity for all.

This year, Micro Focus is proud to be a sponsor of the annual Grace Hopper Conference, which celebrates generations of women and non-binary technologists who advocate to ensure the future of tech is diverse, inclusive and equitable. It’s these values that underpin our commitment to diversity and inclusion (D&I), to help create and maintain a culture of belonging and equality where everyone can grow and thrive.

During the four-day conference, members of our SHINE employee network, dedicated to empowering and inspiring our women employees to thrive in their careers, will attend the event – to connect with peers and mentors, listen to the inspiring line-up of speakers, and gain resources to further empower them in developing and growing their careers. A series of engaging videos will be showcased highlighting remarkable women at Micro Focus who are helping to lead technology innovation.  

Taking Action to Address Diversity & Inclusion

Nurturing a diverse talent pipeline is essential as we innovate and help our customers solve the most complex digital challenges. Through INSPIRE, our Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG) framework, we are taking action to address D&I across three key areas – our company, our supply chain, and in society. Highlighted in our latest sustainability report, our focus is to accelerate progress against our D&I commitments – from strengthening leadership accountability across the business and developing a more diverse talent pipeline, to increasing awareness and education, and building a sense of belonging and engagement.

The annual Grace Hopper Celebration brings together an important community that is critical to enabling a world where women in technology play an equal role in shaping and powering humanity’s future. Micro Focus, together with members of our SHINE employee network, are excited to be part of the journey.

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