Forcepoint Classification powered by Getvisibility combines AI-enhanced classification with award-winning DLP

Applying AI for accuracy, automation and efficiency

While many competing data classification solutions make limited use of machine learning, they typically require manual training to deliver “intelligent” classification results. Forcepoint Classification works differently—constantly self-learning, delivering predictive classifications utilizing natural language. 

Here’s what Jaimen Hoopes, Vice President, Product Management, Forcepoint had to say about Forcepoint Classication:

It all starts with a powerful pre-trained classification model based on real-world data from a range of organizations. Using artificial intelligence, classification accuracy improves with use over time – bringing our customers greater automation and efficiency to their DLP solutions. 

With increased classification accuracy and efficiency, our customers can be even more confident that their data is secure and that their organization is always in compliance anywhere their data resides and everywhere their people work.”

Forcepoint Classification is a leader in a new wave of truly intelligent data classification solutions.  With innovative utilization of artificial intelligence, Forcepoint is able to bring predictive classification suggestions that increase classification accuracy while delivering greater automation to Forcepoint’s Enterprise DLP and Forcepoint ONE DLP.”

This post was first first published on Forcepoint website by Kevin Oliveira. You can view it by clicking here