How Integration is Evolving: The X Factor in XDR

XDR must be approached as an open architecture where integration is the linchpin

Over the past couple of months, I’ve talked about how adversaries are evolving their approaches to attacks and the ripple effect that is having on our approach to detection and response.

Detection now requires a breadth and depth of information from disparate systems and sources across the infrastructure, with data and actions brought into a single view, so you can gain a comprehensive understanding of the threat you are facing and know what you must defend.

Response is changing in parallel. Because multiple systems are now involved in attacks, we need to be able to put the pieces together to get a complete picture of what is happening. Response is predicated on the capability to look beyond one file or system to find all related events and data across the organization, connecting the dots and contextualizing with additional intelligence so you can remediate and respond to an incident across the infrastructure.

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