Data Security Session Coming October 12

As companies begin to open offices post-pandemic, Gartner sites 82% of organizations intend to permit remote working some of the time—even after employees start returning to the workplace. And as companies start to incorporate remote work into their long-term plans, the priority is to ensure steps for a secure environment are in place in 2021 that are sustainable and secure well into the future.

The pandemic has accelerated these trends. Where activity used to happen within monolithic connected work locations. Now it happens wherever employees access applications and data. IT now has to deliver security at all the points of connection rather than just within the data center.  That’s key to enabling a secure workforce free to access valuable data while maintaining visibility and control for data security admins, protecting data access wherever it occurs.

Our upcoming October 12 Product Spotlight focuses on data security. If your organization is working through how to implement an effective data security strategy, we can help. Register for our live session next week to learn how to put your organization on the right path.  

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