“Staying Current” is Not Just a Fashion Statement

Keeping up with the latest fashion trends can be an uncomfortable and costly exercise. Having mistakenly perceived the wisdom of flared trousers, twice, I am fully aware of such risks.

In the software world, too, being addicted to new and shiny objects is a fool’s errand. Tech trends do come and go and only time will tell where the right choices lie. There is no panacea software, no single answer to what are – all too often – highly complex technical needs. Don’t bet on bell-bottoms when it comes to IT.

Building on your own strength

For any organization, change is a constant process, and the support of a partner, known for its history of innovations, is going to be crucial. Micro Focus helps customers stay current with the right trends by ensuring that important investments in critical software remain viable and deliver value year-in, year-out. Our mantra,” Run and Transform,” embodies the spirit of ensuring that investments yield returns in today’s digital era, and into tomorrow’s world of innovation.

Given these complexities, it is essential that IT leaders consider some key questions prior to selecting a long-term software partner.

Can I rely on my supplier to stay with me for as long as I need them?

One of the Top 10 largest pure-play software companies in the world, Micro Focus serves over 40,000 customers, including 98 companies listed on the Fortune 100. Having been in business for over 40 years, and with over 2,700 patents issued or pending, our history of innovation highlights our ingenuity and ever-evolving technology. Across our range of technology, we provide regular, customer-centric product updates incorporating a wide range of innovative enhancements and resolutions to customer-reported requests. Our support teams can advise you on the easiest way for you to take advantage of our latest product capabilities. Additionally, our highly trained professional services team are on standby to help plan and implement the upgrade process as required.

Does my supplier possess the necessary expertise and experience?

Few vendors can claim to understand enterprise software the same way Micro Focus does. Our history of technology in this sector starts as far back as the 1970s, and our products serve tens of millions of end users. Our product organizations invest hundreds of millions of dollars each year in product R&D, supported by thousands of expert engineering, support and technical services staff. Additionally, Micro Focus boasts an enviable partner ecosystem of over 7,500 organizations worldwide. Our expertise is genuinely enterprise class at a global scale.

As my needs evolve and broaden, can my supplier support me?

Our broad portfolio and ability to support enterprise-scale IT mean we have the breadth and depth to solve your evolving IT challenges. In fact, Micro Focus’ products are a key component of the IT stack across business-critical use cases. Covering essential IT elements including security, IT operations, application delivery, governance, modernization, and analytics, our technology footprint is practically unrivalled. Our ongoing investments in our 300 product lines, released on a regular basis (we have made over 1,000 product releases in the last 2 years), ensures our customers continually have access to the technical innovations they need.

Is my partner able to support my commercial and operational requirements?

With flexible deployment and licensing options available, Micro Focus’ solutions meet the needs of today’s preferred IT consumption model. Therefore, whether you are looking to plan a pre-determined scope and scale for your deployment, or are looking for greater flexibility such as subscription pricing or a managed service model, we can help you. Micro Focus delivers your solutions at the right scale, performance, and value that suits your deployment and commercial needs.

Staying Current with Micro Focus

At Micro Focus, our aim is to ensure customers know, and have access to, the latest and greatest of what we have to offer, to support them today and into the future.

Consider recent events featuring IT vulnerabilities, crashes and security breaches, or innovations in areas such as AI or containers, and it becomes clear that no product can sit unchanged for long. Acknowledging the ongoing requirements of enterprise software, and the responsibilities of the supplier, is a key component of any IT strategy.

The question “Is my technology vendor just a supplier, a vendor, or our trusted partner?” is strategically very important. Our ongoing customer-centric investment ensures you have the partner you need, delivering the ROI and TCO you need, both now and into the future.

Innovative, enterprise class software never goes out of style. Don´t miss out – explore our latest Micro Focus Version Upgrades and get up to date with your software.

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