Volunteering Goes Virtual

Being able to give back, pay it forward – or simply help others by volunteering – has never been more important, particularly in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. For many, our physical and mental health as well as the communities where we live and work, have been impacted. Taking the time to volunteer can achieve great outcomes, both personally and for society.

Research shows that a meaningful connection with another person can help counteract the effects of stress, anger, and anxiety. The social contact aspect of helping and working with others can have a profound effect on your overall psychological wellbeing.

However, COVID-19 has made traditional in-person community volunteering harder, if not impossible, which is why Micro Focus has launched a new company wide global virtual volunteering program as part of Micro Focus INSPIRE, our social responsibility program. Every employee can take four days a year to volunteer; one for a cause or charity of choice, one to support our social impact goal of helping equip communities with the skills to be successful in their digital lives and two days to help in response to COVID-19. It is important to our employees and it is important to Micro Focus to take the time out of our busy lives to help other people.

To make volunteering easy and accessible, and to help us stay connected while many of us continue to work from home, Micro Focus has partnered with Goodera, a global volunteering company that brings businesses and non-profits together to help make positive impacts.

Teams of up to 30 are encouraged to sign up for volunteering activities, ranging from recording audio books for children with impaired hearing, to helping school students improve their understanding across various subjects, including mathematics and science. And, in support of our Earth Day and beyond celebrations this year, employees can choose to support organisations dedicated to protecting our planet. As it is virtual, employees can volunteer with their own teammates or join sessions with others around the world which enables them to build new relationships at the same time as helping a non-profit.

We believe that by volunteering virtually together as teams, we can share our ideas and skills to create tangible outcomes that can benefit communities around the world. Follow our progress through social media #MicroFocusINSPIRE and #Goodera

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