INSPIRE 20 Podcast: Meet Rod Flavell, CEO, FDM Group

INSPIRE 20 Podcast: Meet Rod Flavell, CEO, FDM Group

Rod Flavell, founder and chief executive officer of the FDM Group, ensures that inclusivity is engrained into FDM’s corporate values and that the organization instils a culture of acceptance.

In our latest INSPIRE 20 podcast, showcasing executives from around the world who are making a difference in terms of inclusion and diversity in their organizations, communities, or in their industries, Rod talks about the company’s commitment to all forms of diversity, including an Ex-Forces careers program designed for veterans from all ranks and services, a Women in Tech initiative, and a Returners to Work program.

A leader in the recruit, train, and deploy industry, FDM launches thousands of technology and business careers every year across the globe and has actually trained 700 military scrum masters in the UK alone.  FDM is also heavily involved in the Wounded Warrior Program in the UK. In the podcast, he talks extensively about FDM’s Ex-Forces program and offers advice for other leaders or hiring managers looking to improve inclusion and diversity in their businesses or start similar initiatives.

“All companies should be thinking not only about doing this, but they should start in Q1, 2021 and act on it,” he said in the podcast. And the simple fact of life is, it is the responsibility of the chief exec of the business to own this.”

“And of course the lessons are, going in with your eyes open and understand that you get huge benefits,” he said. “But you’ve got management processes that you’ve got to be aware of when you start these things off and don’t give up when at first the program doesn’t work.”

You can listen to the podcast on Apple, Spotify and Soundcloud.

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