Perseverance. Pushing Security Operations Forward in 2021

We Have the Capabilities to Persevere and Reach the Next Level of Security Maturity

For obvious reasons, perseverance has been the theme for 2020 and will continue well into 2021. In the security industry it has been our watchword for decades, so in a sense this is nothing new. But how we have persevered has evolved through the years, and now we have the capacity to reach new levels of security operations maturity.

The early days of cybersecurity played out largely as a game of cat and mouse. As more effective security defenses emerged, attackers responded with innovative techniques aimed at evading these evolving defenses. When it became obvious that it was no longer a matter of if, but when and how we’d be attacked, defenders persevered by innovating technologies and services aimed at detection and response – from endpoint and network solutions to phishing detection, threat intelligence management and sandboxing solutions as well as managed detection and response services.

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