Intrinsic Security at VMworld 2020

VMworld 2020 kicked off today and for the first time ever, hundreds of security experts took the virtual stage to unveil how organizations can build a future read business with a truly unified security approach.

Not able to attend all the sessions you wanted to today? Check out our highlights below from the Intrinsic Security track, hands-on workshops, and more.

Join us tomorrow, September 30th, for an action-packed agenda and gain strategic and actionable insights to reduce risk, minimize costs, and strengthen your security posture all while meeting your business goals.


Solutions Keynote: Intrinsic Security, Intrinsic Advantage
Session ID: GEN2859

VMware COO, Sanjay Poonen,  announced new innovations to meet the security challenges of distributed workforces, public and private clouds, and security operations. Sanjay was joined by Patrick Morley, SVP & GM at VMware Carbon Black, and Aparna Bawa, COO at Zoom as they highlighted key areas of innovation including:

  • How we’re improving security for the Distributed Workforce with Workspace Security VDI and Workspace Security Remote
  • How we’re securing public and private clouds with the new VMware Carbon Black Cloud Workload™ offering
  • The VMware approach to XDR,  multi-year effort to build the most advanced and comprehensive XDR solutions available

The “Future-Ready” Security Operations Center
Session ID: ISWS2943

In this session, Tom Corn, SVP of the Security Business Unit at VMware discussed the importance of the InfoSec team. Tom also discussed our vision of intrinsic security regarding deep integrations into the infrastructure, making security built-in versus bolted-on, expanding our sources of context and control, and broadening into Extended Detection and Response (XDR).

Be sure to catch us tomorrow for even more content surrounding our intrinsic security model and hands-on demos.

Demos and Hands-on labs

Our offerings at Cloud City are available throughout the week.

Here are our top picks below where you can go to get a high-level overview of all of VMware’s cloud offerings. There are six key cloud scenarios that attendees can run through:

  • Hybrid Cloud Operations
  • Cloud Migration
  • Scale On-Demand
  • Multi-Cloud Operations
  • Modern Apps
  • Intrinsic Security- New!

VMware Carbon Black also has demos in the Hybrid Cloud Operations, Multi-Cloud Operations, and the Intrinsic Security scenarios. Within the Intrinsic Security track, attendees can view three categories based on where they want to implement security in their organization; Secure Users, Secure Apps, and Secure the Cloud.

Check out Cloud City to see these quick product demos, and for in-depth demos head over to the Demo Zone where you can see more of our Intrinsic Security solutions.

Cybersecurity’s Constantly Evolving New Normal
Session ID: ISWS2689

The quick shift to remote work has generated a unique set of accessibility and security challenges during a time frequently dubbed the “new normal.” However, attackers are also constantly evolving and “normal” is a highly relative term. As we look to the future, what will “normal” look like? How will security teams work with IT teams for better collaboration? And will remote work become a universal standard? Join us for a panel of cybersecurity experts and discuss with full implications of COVID-19 and how security will, again, be forced to quickly adapt.

Security Skill Wars: Building an Effective Security and IT Program
Session ID: ISWS2934

How effective is your security program?  What metrics are you tracking to identify opportunities for improvement?  Are you prioritizing your resources and processes appropriately? To win any fight, you need a combination of a team, visibility and continuous measurement. These components can be challenging to create and update when time is already limited in a fast-paced security environment. Join this discussion with Rick McElroy, Head of Security Strategist at VMware Carbon Black, about recognizing your team’s roadblocks and how to overcome them.

Strategies for Overcoming the Security Talent Shortage
Session ID: ISWS2691

Discovering the right talent in the security and IT world is always a challenge. And once you’ve recruited talented workers, retaining them can be a struggle. Listen to our group of panelists as they discuss strategies to overcome the security talent shortage, techniques for recruiting diverse candidates, and best practices for retaining top employees.

See you tomorrow!

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