Endpoint Security on the Developer Hub

Great news: FireEye Endpoint Security is now available on the Developer Hub! Head over to the Developer Hub page now to explore the Endpoint Security APIs and developer documentation today!

Endpoint Security is comprised of four APIs:

  • Lighthouse: Access information about endpoints, acquisitions, alerts, conditions, indicators and containment.
  • Messagebus: Read access to HX Messagebus, which is used for event communication between HX services and modules.
  • Plugin Manager: Manage modules on a HX instance: install/uninstall, upgrade/rollback, and enable/disable modules.
  • Platform Service: Create, read, update and delete module key configurations.

These APIs will allow our customers and partners to easily integrate with FireEye Endpoint data, which can augment existing products and services, or lead to the creation of exciting new technologies such as HX Tool.

While the API specifications for Endpoint Security will continue to be available in the Endpoint Security dashboard, the release of the API specs on the Developer Hub means they are now available to the world. In addition to the specs, the Developer Hub will also provide documentation that will make it easy for beginners and veterans alike to start developing new tools and products. Currently, the documentation includes a getting started guide and how to authenticate to the Endpoint APIs, but the content will expand to include sample applications, integrations, developer tools, and technical documentation.

Be sure to check out the Endpoint Security community to get help with your questions, help answer other developer’s questions, report bugs, suggest features, and stay up-to-date with the latest news about Endpoint Security.

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