Cybersecurity Awareness Month: 2020 in Retrospect

For cyber defenders worldwide, 2020 has been unprecedented year. CISOs and their security teams have battled increased attack volumes and data breaches as malicious actors seized the opportunity to exploit the disruption caused by the global pandemic. Cybercriminals are now deploying a wide range of attacks to extort, disrupt and infiltrate organizations.

October is Cybersecurity Awareness Month (CAM), a cause we’re proud to champion. CAM is an opportunity for the industry to come together and reflect on the state of cybersecurity — from the top threats, to the business challenges, and perhaps most importantly, what this means for the securing organizations in 2020 and beyond as attacks evolve and become increasingly complex.

Here’s a look at the 2020 cybersecurity landscape and the some of the biggest pandemic-fueled trends and threats identified by VMware Carbon Black experts this year. Click here to view and download the full version of this infographic


Cybersecurity Awareness Month: 2020 in Retrospect

Download and share this infographic with your team members, partners, and customers. While October is the month that’s dedicated to raising awareness, cybersecurity should be a year-round concern for all members of an organization.

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