The FireEye Approach to Effective Cloud Security

Reports indicate that roughly 83% of workloads are in the cloud as of this year. That’s a lot of new real estate for attackers, and now is the perfect time for them to strike. For many organizations, migrating from traditional, on-premise approaches to cloud infrastructures is a big undertaking that could leave them vulnerable to attacks—more so if they don’t have any solidified and proven cloud security plans in place.

As of 2020, Mandiant Consulting estimates that 25% of their incident response engagements involve public cloud assets, which is an increase over previous years and a rise we expect to continue. This means that as more organizations move more workloads to the cloud, security cannot lag behind.

While the cloud can be more secure than a traditional data center in terms of management, controls, updates and more, common attacker techniques such as phishing for credentials are still just as effective regardless of where an organization operates. Migrating to the public cloud also adds multiple tasks to security teams, including:

  • Developing new skills
  • Tracking ephemeral assets
  • Managing decentralized accounts (“shadow IT”)
  • Ensuring stored data is protected
  • Verifying that all platform activity is logged, tracked and authorized

At FireEye and Mandiant, we know exactly how tough it can be to develop and manage a new security strategy while migrating and transitioning to public cloud infrastructure. That’s why we are laying out everything organizations need to know about effectively securing the cloud in our latest cloud security white paper, The FireEye Approach to Effective Cloud Security. We provide valuable information in the white paper, including:

  • The biggest cloud security challenges facing all organizations
  • A full breakdown of a public cloud compromise using real-world tactics and scenarios
  • How to develop a comprehensive and effective cloud security plan
  • The FireEye and Mandiant approach to cloud security and how we help organizations

For those that are already migrating to the cloud, it’s imperative not to neglect security at any point during and after the transition. For those that are apprehensive about migrating to the cloud because of the challenges that come with it, don’t be—there are plenty of steps that can be taken to ensure the journey is smooth and secure. Having security plans in place at every turn ensures that all organizations can enjoy the benefits of the public cloud, without unacceptable and headline-breaking risk.

Check out the white paper today, and for more information head over to our Clarity in the Cloud page.

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