FireEye Virtual Summit: Empower, Evolve and Defend

In today’s rapidly changing environment as digital attack surfaces are increasing, FireEye is proud to serve its mission to relentlessly protect our customers, world and society. Cyber attackers never rest and neither does FireEye. Our front-line experts operate around the clock and across the globe to relentlessly protect our customers from today’s most advanced threats and we will be sharing our experiences at the FireEye Virtual Summit, which kicks off today, June 9, and runs until June 11. This year the focus is on three major aspects of any cyber security program: empower, evolve and defend.

Empower means giving organizations exactly what they need to prevent, detect and respond to today’s cyber threats—everything from a malicious link in an email to a highly targeted attack by a nation-state actor. Part of this is having the standard security solutions in place (such as endpoint security and email security) and partnering with the right incident response providers, but another part of empowerment in the cyber security space is knowing where an organization stands. To achieve this, organizations need a strong cyber threat intelligence capability, and should also consider red teaming and other training such as tabletop exercises.

Evolve means being able to keep up with the rapidly changing threat landscape. Whether it be a new type of malware or tactic, a technology such as cloud that is increasing in use, or a news story that is dominating the headlines, attackers are going to shift their operations to increase the chances of achieving their goals. Prevention and cyber threat intelligence are pivotal when it comes to keeping up with the trends. Dealing with rapid change is more important today than ever before. Recent global events have left the majority of the workforce working remotely and with collaboration and other tools that are unfamiliar. Organizations right now are struggling with giving workers the freedom they need to succeed at their jobs while also protecting them from threats such as phishing.

Defend means just that—after the solutions are in place and the strategy has been established and the training has been provided, defend means getting the job done. Every piece of malware discovered, every phishing email blocked, and every attacker discovered tells a unique story. While there are similarities across incidents, no two stories are ever exactly the same, and each one contains a number of takeaways that can benefit any organization regardless of their size and industry. Having the tools only means so much when you can’t predict how things will unfold in real time, which is what makes listening to people who have experience—who have been in the trenches—so important.

To welcome you to the Virtual Summit, you’ll hear from our keynote speaker, Sandra Joyce, Sr. Vice President of Mandiant Threat Intelligence, as she highlights how though times of global change, organizations can be empowered to stengthen their cyber security and better defend against today’s attackers.

We have a full breadth of sessions, covering topics such as cloud security, threat intelligence, security effectiveness and more. Experts across the industry will share best practices, research and strategies to help organizations maintain a resilient cyber security posture.

The first of the live sessions in the FireEye Virtual Summit begins today and will continue until June 11. If you missed a session, the webinars will be available on demand to view when it’s most convenient for you.

Head over to our site for more details on all the sessions and how to register. We look forward to seeing you there!

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