Micro Focus Launches an Important Industry Resource on Digital Transformation

The DX Microsite

In response to customer and market demand for learning more about digital transformation (DX), Micro Focus recently launched an important new resource that brings together perhaps the industry’s most complete collection of content on trends, best practices, and solutions centered on this topic.  The DX Microsite combines articles from analysts (e.g., IDC), industry thought leaders, and Micro Focus product experts, with a high concentration of success stories from organizations that have successfully pursued their own DX initiatives.

While DX is not new concept, interest in digitally transforming has spiked in recent months as organizations have struggled to adapt to changes in how we work and where we work.  What many are learning is that DX is a critical path forward to evolve with macro market factors, and that those who had already started down the path before the pandemic are in much better shape now as a result.  For instance, the Library of Congress was able to rapidly react to new and unexpected processes caused by an escalation of remote work, and an Austrian engineering company recently reported that they were able to move 95 percent of their staff to a remote working setting within mere minutes.  These organizations, and many more, comfortably adapted in part because they had prioritized DX in advance.

During Micro Focus’ biggest customer event ever, last week’s Micro Focus Virtual Universe, attendees consistently told us that they wanted to learn more about DX because of its strategic importance over both the short and long term.  Specific areas of interest included market analysis, vertical-specific use cases, customer testimonials, and more details on the four core pillars of DX: Enterprise DevOps, Hybrid IT Management, Security, Risk & Governance, and Predictive Analytics.


This new microsite combines information on all of this, and much more:

Market Trends/Analysis

IDC White Paper: IDC analysis on the importance of end-to-end DX
IDC FutureScape: Top 10 predictions of the future of DX at 2020
Application Modernization Microbrief: Summary of how modernization can lead to smart DX
DX InfoGraphic: Facts and figures about what’s driving DX investments

Vertical-Specific Use Cases

Financial Services DX FutureScape Report: Predictions and DX use cases in FinServ
Manufacturing DX FutureScape Report: Predictions and DX use cases in manufacturing
Telecommunications DX FutureScape Report: Predictions and DX use cases in telecomm

Customer Testimonials

Customer videos:
Powering Digital Transformation: Customer stories on why they are pursuing DX
Smart Digital Transformation: Customer stories about their unique approach to DX
DX customer journey eBooks:
Vodafone Success Story: Hybrid IT and DevOps successes in the telecomm vertical
WWT Success Story: DevOps and Predictive Analytics successes in the software vertical

Four Core Pillars of DX

DevOps MicroBrief: An IDC report on how to deliver at high speed with low risk
Hybrid IT Management Microbrief: An IDC report on how to simplify your IT transformation
Security, Risk, & Governance Microbrief: An IDC report on how to secure what matters most
Predictive Analytics Microbrief: An IDC report on how to analyze in time to act

We invite you to the microsite at www.microfocus.com/DX to learn more.

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