Is your enterprise content secure to the Core?

The benefits of moving to the cloud are clear: Cloud-based offerings reduce the time it takes to get to market, provide scalability, reduce capital investment, and drive innovation. According to the RightScale 2019 State of the Cloud Report from Flexera, 58% of companies say that their top 2019 initiative is to move more workloads to the cloud.

However, it’s difficult to be confident in your choice when faced with weekly news coverage of some of the world’s biggest brands suffering data leaks. So, it shouldn’t surprise any of us that 66% of IT professionals say security is their greatest concern in adopting a cloud computing strategy. Business and IT leaders are struggling to find secure tools to allow their employees to share and collaborate on content, especially when that content lives behind their firewall. With OpenText™ Core you can securely and easily share and collaborate on content with external parties, directly from your existing OpenText ECM solutions.

Our customers have trusted us to securely manage their data for the last 25 years. As our customers’ workloads move to the cloud, so does our attention and resources. The latest innovations in Core focus on sharing and collaboration, security, integration with OpenText ECM solutions, and compliance.


OpenText Core has security at every layer, from our secure global data centers to the platform and the application itself. With Core, administrators are empowered to control external access by setting stringent security policies, including mandatory expiration and passwords on shared content, determining password complexity, and enforcing two-factor authentication. Security filters down to the end user, providing users with features such as advanced search for previously shared public links and the ability to easily modify or remove public linking access when no longer required. At the file-level, users can control access and sharing permissions as part of the overall secure controlled content collaboration experience.

Core IT admin security console
Two-factor authentication

Other Core security features include:

  • Single Sign-On (SSO)
  • Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)
  • Encryption of data whether at rest, in transit, on mobile devices or in the cloud


Basing your content collaboration strategy on a cloud application that doesn’t work with your ECM systems can result in more information silos and increased risk. Core offers tight integration with OpenText™ Content SuiteOpenText™ Documentum™OpenText™ eDOCS and OpenText™ Extended ECM to enable external, secure and controlled collaboration. Real-time bi-directional synchronization and the unified audit trail between Content Suite and Core allows collaborators to have complete visibility into all stages of a document’s journey to completion, including real-time updates on edits made by external parties visible in the Content Server repository. And the new auditing capabilities make compliance easy.


Core is focused on ensuring compliance via seamless integration with your ECM. Core’s integration features drive visibility and accountability. Unified audit log enables users to see all stages of the document journey including drafts, reviews, approvals and more. Bi-directional audit log synchronization enables enterprises to fully audit all sharing and collaboration for records management and compliance.

Combining the flexibility of Core with the stability and power of ECM back-office processing enables users to collaborate on managed content with participants outside the enterprise in a controlled environment. Working with customers, partners and suppliers completely in the cloud or in an integrated hybrid environment is a reality that every organization must embrace. OpenText has the heritage and trusted leadership in content management to partner with you on your digital journey to the cloud. Core was built for simple, secure cloud sharing and is already connected to your most valuable asset: Your data.

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