Simply Mobilize Smartcards in the Office and on the Road – using the New AirID Generation

Smartcards have been recognised for security and protection for many years. For mobile devices the use was a bit bulky – with AirID smartcards can be used wirelessly for mobile devices. Perfect protection with optimum user-friendliness.

certgate GmbH, one of the leading providers of secure mobile communication solutions, has already delivered the new, second generation of the wireless, highly secure smart card reader AirID to selected customers in December 2018 and has now announced the general availability for all customers.

AirID is the optimal 2-factor authentication solution for the mobile workplace. By using a traditional smart card, AirID can easily and securely mobilize virtually any application and device, such as laptops, tablets and smartphones, into existing infrastructures and without having to modify the smart card infrastructure.

The new AirID generation has been completely improved inside & out. The internal processor has been updated, the Bluetooth connection (BLE 4.2) is considerably faster and more secure. The extended smartcard support now supports all smartcards, including international PIV and CAC cards.

Due to the special design it doesn’t matter on which side or orientation (portrait or landscape) the smartcard was printed. This ensures that the existing photo identification function of the smartcard is completely retained.

Unique is the additional transparent “bumper”, which protects the housing from damage by small impacts or falling down. The flexible bumper also enables the AirID to be attached in portrait or landscape orientation.

The AirID combines the perfect hardware-based security with very high user friendliness and additionally automatic locking of devices. Simply leave the smartcard with AirID in your pocket, on your JoJo or lanyard and use the applications safely. If the user moves away from the workstation or device, the applications or device are automatically locked.

More information, including a 60-second video for overview and function is available at

certgate is a leading German IT security provider for secure mobile communication technologies and a long-time member of the “IT Security Made in Germany” alliance. certgate’s superior strong authentication & encryption approach is superior to other software based security concepts and provides sustainable protection even against complex multi-level and artificial intelligence based attacks, while maintaining maximum usability.

Global leading organizations, companies and agencies within Government, Security Services, Automotive, Research, Utilities and other critical infrastructures securing their mobile authentication and communications using certgate’s patented technologies and products.

certgate’s solutions are marketed and implemented globally through international partners, providing true protection against hackers, mobile data leakage and unauthorized access – anywhere in the world.

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