Upcoming Netwrix Webinars

Title: Netwrix Security Talk: Give the Green Light to Securing Data
Date: March 14 at 10 am GMT

Get useful tips and tricks for protecting your IT infrastructure in an ever-changing cybersecurity world in just 15 minutes. Because we know your time is precious, we created these short talks to enable you to learn something new without disrupting your busy day.

Here’s your lucky shamrock for St. Patrick’s Day – a Security Talk to patch the holes in your data security! Join this session to discover the most recent breach patterns: who, when and where could steal your sensitive data.

Registration link: https://try.netwrix.com/netwrix_security_talks?cID=7010g000000vvRF

Netwrix Auditor Product Demo
Dates: March 21 at 11 am GMT, March 27 at 2 pm GMT

See what the new Netwrix Auditor 9.7 has to offer, including spotting attacks on your network devices and seeing who has access to what on SharePoint. Join Netwrix team as we demonstrate how to:

  • Quickly identify and remediate your biggest security gaps
  • Detect and investigate abnormal user behavior
  • Reduce incident response time and improve IT team productivity
  • … and much more

Registration link for March 21: https://www.netwrix.com/webinars.html?webinar_id=396&timeslot=1553166000&cID=7010g000000vvRF  

Registration link for March 27: https://www.netwrix.com/webinars.html?webinar_id=396&timeslot=1553695200&cID=7010g000000vvRF

Title: Webinar Series – Fast Track to Office 365: Controlling, Protecting and Reporting
Dates: March 26 &28 at 2 pm GMT, April 2 at 2pm BST

Description:It’s hard to imagine an employee who has never used Office 365. With 155 million users worldwide, Office 365 is a core technology for many organisations — which means keeping it under control is essential for productivity, security and compliance. However, this task becomes increasingly difficult as your Office 365 digital assets grow. During our live-webinar series, Liam Cleary, Microsoft MVP and a founder of SharePlicity, a technology-focused consulting company, will show you how to use the management and security features in Office 365 to determine what data you have and where it is stored, so you can protect it efficiently.

  • March 26: Fast Track to Office 365: Controlling Access and Protecting Data
  • March 28: Fast Track to Office 365: Administration and Reporting
  • April 2: Fast Track to Office 365: Q&A

Link to register for the whole series: https://www.netwrix.com/fast_track_to_office_365_nemea?cID=7010g000000vvRF  

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