Join McAfee’s Global Webinar on 2019 Threat Predictions

We kindly invite You to join our upcoming McAfee Labs Threats Predictions global webinar to be held on Tuesday, January 22nd  2019, with the keynote speaker Raj Samani along with Steve Povolny and John Fokker.

As our dependency on technology has become ubiquitous, breaches are no longer limited to a specific platform or device. Everything is connected and everything is a target for attack.

They will discuss the following key trends to watch in 2019:

  • Mobile phones will become the next vector for home IoT attacks
  • Criminal underground will consolidate, creating more partnerships to fuel cybercrime
  • Artificial intelligence (AI) will aid cybercriminal evasion techniques
  • Misinformation campaigns will target wider audiences—such as individual companies—in a new hunting ground for malicious actors
  • Increased use of multifaced or synergistic attacks will cause confusion and hide ultimate attack goals
  • The cloud and data-rich identity platforms will become the primary battlegrounds for data breaches

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