Vertica 9.1 Announces Voltage SecureData Integration

We are pleased to announce the availability of Voltage SecureData add-on for Vertica, which brings Format Preserving Encryption (FPE) to data stored in your Vertica Analytics Platform.

Voltage SecureData Add-on for Vertica helps organizations comply with GDPR and other emerging data privacy regulations using data encryption at rest, in motion and in use. With this add-on, the privacy of sensitive information is preserved end-to-end across an enterprise’s IT infrastructure – from the moment of capture through business analysis applications and to the back-end data store. This data-centric approach caters to the security needs of Big Data analytics platforms such as Vertica. 

Add-on benefits – Vertica & Voltage

  • Protect data as close to its source as possible
  • Support for data encryption, tokenization, and masking techniques
  • Use data across many applications in its de-identified state
  • Re-identify data securely – only by authorized users and applications
  • Reduce PCI audit scope and compliance costs
  • Access protection techniques backed by security proofs and standards
  • Run scalable, high performance analytics on encrypted data
  • Support encryption and pseudonymization guidance in GDPR, and beyond

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