Utimaco Cleared to Complete Acquisition of Atalla

CAMPBELL, Calif. – October 16, 2018  Utimaco, the second largest global provider of Hardware Security Modules (HSMs) today announced it has received United States regulatory approval to complete its acquisition of the Atalla Hardware Security Module (HSM) and Enterprise Secure Key Manager (ESKM) product lines of Micro Focus International plc. The transaction is due to close on November 5, 2018.

“This is a significant milestone, and we look forward to bringing the Atalla team under the information security umbrella of Utimaco. After several changes of ownership, we are happy to offer Atalla a long-term home in our HSM and information security business,” said Utimaco CEO, Malte Pollmann.

“The traditional separation between ‘payment HSM’ and ‘general purpose HSM’ will eventually cease to exist, which is why our goal is to focus on innovation and invest in building one common platform for payment and general purpose HSM customers. In a market driven by dependency on suppliers, we are the company acting in the best interest of customers – with a clear understanding of how architectures need to come together, providing the product in all required form factors: PCI, LAN and Cloud,” added Pollmann.

Digital transformation fueled by mobile, cloud, blockchain and new regulations is disrupting even the most established business models. As a result, financial institutions and service providers of all sizes need out-of-the-box, proven and reliable technology to seamlessly interface with current payment infrastructures, while still enabling them to easily drive and adapt to the next generation of innovative services.

Utimaco is dedicated to making significant investments in functionality and long-term sustainability, as well as cloud, reseller channels and customer care.

With the acquisition of Atalla – one of the most established brands for electronic payment HSMs – Utimaco not only gains considerable momentum in the payments market, but it also greatly complements its existing PaymentServer line, which achieved PCI PTS HSM V2 accreditation in October 2017, allowing customers to meet PCI Data Security Standard (PCI DSS), PCI Point-to-Point Encryption (PCI P2PE), or even PCI HSM compliance as a delta certification with custom code running on the HSM.

About Hardware Security Modules (HSMs)

HSMs are special purpose computing devices used to protect and manage cryptographic secrets, such as digital keys and signatures. They stand at the root of protecting many critical infrastructures.

About Utimaco’s HSM product lines

Utimaco’s general purpose HSM product line SecurityServer holds a market-leading position in industries as diverse as automotive, government, media and entertainment, smart metering, semiconductors, telecommunications and the banking and financial services sectors.

  • SecurityServer is FIPS 140-2 Level 3 and physical Level 4 certified
  • Achieved PCI PTS HSM V2 accreditation in 2017 for the PaymentServer line
  • Gained Common Criteria (CC) certification in 2018 for the CP5 product line

About Atalla Hardware Security Module

Atalla Hardware Security Module (HSM) is a payments hardware security module used for protecting sensitive data and associated keys for non-cash retail payment transactions, cardholder authentication and cryptographic keys.

About Enterprise Secure Key Manager

Enterprise Secure Key Manager (ESKM) provides a centralized key management hardware-based solution for unifying and automating an organization’s encryption key controls by creating, protecting, serving and auditing access to encryption keys for secure, reliable administration.

About Utimaco

Utimaco is a worldwide supplier of professional information security solutions and is based in Aachen, Germany with offices worldwide. Since 1983, Utimaco has been developing hardware-based, high-security appliances (Hardware Security Modules) and compliance solutions for telecommunication provider regulations (lawful interception and data retention). Today, Utimaco is a world-market leader in both segments. Customers and partners of Utimaco in all parts of the world trust the company’s long-term, proven reliability and investment protection, as well as its many certified IT security standards. Utimaco stands for recognized product quality, user-friendly software, excellent support and trusted high security. For further information, please visit www.utimaco.com.