Edgecore Networks switches and open networking solutions now available through REAL security

REAL security d.o.o. is proud to announce a new partnership with Edgecore Networks – manufacturer of network switches and switches that support options for open networking (SDN with BIGSWITCH technology).  Big Switch’s mission is to disrupt the status quo of networking with order of magnitude improvements in network intelligence, agility, and flexibility by delivering Next-Generation Data Center Networking – and with that in mind, they are providing the Adriatic region with exciting product lines:

  • ECS2020 series is a Web-Smart Switch, it supports 8/24 x GE PoE ports + 2/4 GE SFP uplink ports with Fanless design. The switch supports up to 4 ports at 15.4 W, or 2 ports at 30 W to meet the increasing power demands of users.
  • ECS2100 series is a range of web-smart switches designed for the SMB market. The switches can be deployed in different target network topologies, from small to large. Besides powerful software features, the switches provide a complete solution from 1G to 10G, including both non-PoE and PoE options.

The above product series are very competitive to all other vendors on the market as far as features and pricing goes. For the latter, please contact our Edgecore Networks brand manager, Daniel Bednjički at daniel.bednjicki@real-sec.com. Also available are other Open networking supported product variants with 10G, 25G, 40G, 100G TOR or even 400G links.


Edgecore switches are already well known for their use by companies such as Facebook, Google, NTT Communications and they are rapidly growing in market share – not only due to attractive pricing but also due to almost infinite scalability and performance.


So please contact us for more details and pricing.