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It’s #TAPTuesday again, and I’m excited to bring to you this interview with Todd Olsen, Director of Global Alliances at BeyondTrust. On the first Tuesday of each month, we spotlight a member of the BeyondTrust Technology Alliances team to gain their expert insights and to see what they are most looking forward to in 2023. Todd is a newer member of the technology alliances team, but he is very integral to our success.

Meet Todd Olsen

Todd has been at BeyondTrust for just shy of a year. He joined in July of last year and has hit the ground running ever since. Todd is a Director of Global Alliances and manages the AWS relationship here on the Technology Alliances Team, helping organizations increase security and operational efficiency across their enterprise and Amazon Web Services (AWS) environments.

Todd has a collection of experiences that he has brought to BeyondTrust. He’s worked with numerous partner vendors in the past and is excited to bring some of those best practices to BeyondTrust. Outside of work, Todd enjoys scuba diving, golf, and hiking.

What is Todd Olsen most excited about for the Technology Alliances team in 2023?

We’ve got an exciting year ahead in 2023 with our AWS relationship. We’ve achieved several milestones in 2022 that we can build upon moving forward. Something that is top of mind for Todd is achieving Security Competency. Partners with AWS Security Competency have deep technical expertise with security in AWS and proven customer success in securing the cloud journey with their software and service offerings. Achieving this competency would put BeyondTrust in a specialized category where a select group of vendors deliver a security-focused solution for your specific workloads and use cases. AWS labels these vendors as easy to find, buy, deploy, and manage.

What’s Todd’s favorite thing about his work on the BeyondTrust Technology Alliances team?

It’s no secret that the culture here at BeyondTrust is par to none. It seems that this team at BeyondTrust really leans into that culture to elevate, grow, and expand it. While interviewing Todd, I asked what his favorite thing about working at BeyondTrust was. Instinctively, his response was, “The people! Getting the opportunity to work with such great people is what gets me up in the morning.” Now, I might have a biased opinion, but I couldn’t agree more! It is one of my favorite things about BeyondTrust, too.

What is Todd’s favorite breakfast meal or food?

In wrapping up this interview I always like to ask everyone on the Technology Alliances Team how they start their day. It seems that bacon is a trend on this team. “Who doesn’t love bacon?!” Todd shared as I asked about breakfast. It certainly seems that, between working with such an incredible team and bacon, Todd wakes up every morning ready to tackle the day with a smile.

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