Qualys Launches Inaugural Cyber Risk Summit to Share Expert Insights

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Cybersecurity professionals from all over are making their way to RSA’s annual conference this week in search of inspiration and expert advice on bolstering their security postures. But for those who could not disrupt their schedules to make the trip, Qualys is providing IT and security practitioners with an easy way to hear fresh perspectives on transformative topics. In its inaugural year, Qualys is hosting a live, virtual event on April 25th – the 2023 Cyber Risk Summit – that will help attendees tackle their toughest cyber risk challenges.   

Those interested in attending can register for free here.   

Security teams don’t need more of the same – they need insights into minimizing cyber risk: 

Defining risk is more important than ever in setting a cybersecurity strategy. Today’s security teams must think holistically about attack paths, examine threat actor behaviors to understand what could wreak the most havoc, and quickly control threat activity when a breach occurs. They must adopt risk-based methodologies that allow cybersecurity technologies, processes, and people to converge and collaborate.  

Today’s tools often focus solely on generating more and more detections and alerts, which simply is not enough to help keep organizations secure. Now, more than ever, companies need insights that help prioritize their most severe vulnerabilities across their most critical assets, with a firmer grasp on how to resolve them before attackers can exploit them.  

The exclusive event will offer a dynamic series of conversations that will provide security practitioners with actionable, data-driven perspectives and advice on minimizing cybersecurity risk by leveraging the most innovative approaches to vulnerability management. 

What to expect from the Cyber Risk Summit Sessions: 

The first two keynotes will feature talks from Qualys’ CEO and president, Sumedh Thakar, and CEO and president of Cohesity, Sanjay Poonan, who will both touch upon strategies for building a cyber resilient enterprise by implementing an effective risk management program. From there, those interested in learning about how CISOs can better navigate the ever-changing threat landscape will have the opportunity to listen in on a fireside chat between Qualys CISO Jonathan Trull and Bill.com CISO Rinki Sethi. Jatinder Singh, director of Cloud Security at Informatica will then lead a session around streamlining cloud security with automation to empower business transformation. 

To wrap up the keynote series, Travis Smith, vice president of the Qualys Threat Research Unit (TRU), will be on hand to share highlights of his team’s recently released 2023 TruRisk Research Report. Published just last month, the report took a deep dive into the Qualys Cloud Platform and its 13+ trillion anonymized data points to determine which vulnerabilities cause the highest risk to organizations. This data, overlayed with threat intelligence and original research conducted by TRU, exposed the intricacies of threat actor activities and operations. 

The Cyber Risk Summit will also feature a partner session with co-founder and CEO of Cowbell, Rajeev Gupta. As cyber insurance premiums rise and finding the right coverage becomes increasingly difficult, the cyber insurance underwriting process must adapt. This session will discuss more efficient ways to calculate risk tolerance, reduce premium costs, and uncover how cyber risk telemetry can help companies navigate their way through cyber insurance challenges. 

For those interested in seeing the latest Qualys innovations firsthand, senior vice president of Product Management, Shailesh Athalye, will share a sneak preview of upcoming technology that will extend the power of MITRE as a proactive defense designed to efficiently reduce enterprise-wide cyber risk. And following the session, he will be facilitating a live Q&A.  

Regardless of size or industry, every organization inherently faces its own distinct set of security challenges when it comes to protecting their digital infrastructure. Qualys 2023 Cyber Risk Summit will close out by providing attendees with a unique opportunity to sign up to for a one-on-one to engage with a Qualys expert to dive deeper on topics and questions aligned to their specific organization’s needs. 

In an era where the quantity and impact of cyber-attacks are rising, we hope to provide attendees with expert insights that will enable their efforts to problem-solve and assist them in rewriting their cybersecurity playbook for the new era. Join us on Tuesday, April 25th

This post was first first published on Qualys Security Blog’ website by Adam Slater. You can view it by clicking here