The advantages of ProfiShark as a portable network traffic capture device

ProfiShark is a portable network traffic capture device that is designed for use in a variety of scenarios, including network troubleshooting, security analysis, and network performance monitoring. A ProfiShark device is equivalent to an aggregator TAP and two NICs, requiring only a laptop or a desktop PC with a free USB 3.0 port.

Profitap’s ProfiShark range has earned high regards as a reliable capture solution for field troubleshooting, especially in industrial network environments. 


Troubleshooting industrial networks

Imagine a car manufacturing plant with a network of machines and devices used to assemble cars. These machines and devices are connected to the plant’s main network and are controlled by a central computer system. One day, the plant experiences a problem where some of the machines are not receiving the commands they need to function properly.

To troubleshoot the problem, the plant’s IT team would first try to determine the cause of the issue. They might start by checking the network’s hardware and configuration, such as the switches and routers, and their settings, to see if there are any issues. This can go as far as monitoring a connection on a single robotic arm or conveyor belt. 

If the problem is not immediately apparent, the IT team needs access to the packet data between each point of interest to analyze any unusual patterns or errors. 

In these situations, it is vital for network engineers to carry a portable tool that you can rely on while analyzing an issue. They need flexibility, as there are many potential tapping points, often spaced out throughout the plant, and the tool needs to be reliable and capture every single packet on the line.