Meet Patricia Arguello Rojo: Senior Frontend Developer

Software, from vision to execution, is a people business – and at Micro Focus our people are our greatest asset. Helping our employees build exciting and enriching careers is a key priority. At Micro Focus, we work hard to unlock the individual potential and collective capability of our workforce by investing in development opportunities, so that everyone has the freedom to carve out the career they want. For some, this means undertaking additional training. For others, it’s switching career paths entirely within the business.

Patricia Arguello Rojo, a Senior Frontend Developer in Belfast (Northern Ireland), started her career at Micro Focus in the development teams, looking for a challenge outside her comfort zone after having her second child. Below, Patricia shares her experience working in our dev teams, how she grew her professional career, and how Micro Focus has supported her on her journey.

To start off, tell us a bit about yourself, Patricia.

I work as a frontend senior developer on the IM&G team as part of the LEMA project. I have been programming and working in IT for 19 years. I have worked in different technologies along the way, although during the last few years I specialised in frontend and web technologies, mainly with Angular. I am originally from Spain, but have lived in Northern Ireland for 9 years now and I feel a little bit from here as well.

Give us some insight into your career journey at Micro Focus.

I joined the company during the pandemic in early 2021. After my second child maternity leave, I took the decision to make a change, leave my comfort zone, and leave the previous company I had been working with for several years. It was a bit scary to change jobs with all the pandemic uncertainty, but I have never regretted it. I look back two years now and I have met a fabulous team. Today, I am proud to say that I am part of a dev team with a majority of female developers, which is very unusual in the IT industry.

The project I have been working on has been really amazing—to be able to contribute from the beginning, the technology, the product so innovative. I think it is a really good project to expand my skills, with plenty of opportunities.

What are your favourite three things about working at Micro Focus?

  • First, the projects. They are very interesting and allow you to grow every day.
  • Second, my team. The environment is so positive and everyone is really helpful.
  • Third, the flexibility. Being able to work from home is a real bonus, although sometimes I like to come to the [Belfast] office, too.

Can you tell us about someone who has really influenced your journey at Micro Focus?

The people that I have met and worked with during the last two years really have been inspiring for me. In the team we are all connected, even when we don’t see each other on a daily basis. The management team in the project has created a shared vision for everyone and unified goals.

How do you feel you make your mark at Micro Focus?

I try to make my mark by contributing and being involved in everything I do. When you try your best, really taking care of every detail, it is because it really matters to you. And when it truly matters to you, that is the key to thriving. You can decide what areas you want to enrich and be part of your yearly objectives. There are several ways to achieve it—from mentoring, to learning platforms, and the most important, in your day-by-day.

What piece of advice can you give others in terms of driving and owning their career success?

Every career path is different and in IT can be really diverse. There isn’t just one path, but you also must make decisions about what makes you happy and what technology you are really passionate about. The good thing in IT is that it’s a rapidly changing world and you can upgrade yourself and even make a career move when you feel you are ready for it.

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