Tis’ the Season to Read the Hottest Topics

Tis’ the Season to Read the Hottest Topics

Julia Weifenbach

If you find yourself searching for something to summarize the year, you’ve come to the right place.  We’ve got you covered!  We’re going to share some of the best read blogs and best viewed webinars of the year.  Hold on to your (white) hats, because here we go!

1. Threat Intelligence Platforms in Implementing XDR

XDR – What is it?  Right now, there are several definitions aiming to capture what constitutes XDR, but we think analyst Jon Oltsik of ESG offers a strong summary, describing XDR as:  “an integrated suite of security products spanning hybrid IT architectures, designed to interoperate and coordinate on threat prevention, detection and response.  In other words, XDR unifies control points, security telemetry, analytics, and operations into one enterprise system.”  Read another article about XDR >

2. Unlock the Power of Security Automation

Learn how our data-driven approach to automation helps enable extended detection and response (XDR) in all phases of security operations including detection, investigation and response.  Read another article about cybersecurity automation maturity >

3. Learn How Sysdig is Using the ThreatQ Platform

It is always interesting to learn about real-world examples of technologies at work. Hear more from Michael Clark of Sysdig and how he is using the ThreatQ Platform to enhance his organization’s cloud detection and response solutions.  Watch the webinar >

4. Reduce Time or Do Not, There is No Shift

Taking a closer look at what the data-driven approach means to the automation of SOC (Security Operations Center) workflows and how it has influenced the product and design decisions of ThreatQ and ThreatQ TDR Orchestrator. Learn how the user experience is kept in mind when driving adoption of automation.

5. Thinking of a SecOps Platform?  Showing ROI Just Got Easier

Threat intelligence has been in the enterprise for several years now. It’s time for security teams, with vendor support, to start working together to prove that threat intelligence is not a cost center, but adds value to all security operations.  Read the ROI Whitepaper >

We hope you enjoyed our list!

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