New Phishing Campaign Identified

On August 4th, 2022 we discovered and confirmed an active phishing campaign targeting users of multiple major European banks from a single web page.

The web page mimics the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs, housing allowance service to scam people into leaving their online banking credentials and credit card details.

Upon visiting the phishing site the user is welcomed by this screen which promises to transfer money.

The unsuspecting victim is then redirected to a page with several options to submit their information. It not only uses the bank identity but also sms codes to verify new devices in your bank account.

Mitigation steps undertaken

Our CFFC team has already taken mitigation steps by reporting the phishing URL to Safe Browsing, and to the domain registrar and the hosting provider.

About the Cyber Fraud Fusion Center

In 2019, ThreatMark established a new team to provide early warning threat protection for our customers. The team consists of multiple specialists covering roles of Fraud Analysts , Security Engineers, Malware Analysts and Security Advisors. One of our many responsibilites includes staying in constant contact with our customers to help them resolve issues with phishing attacks, trademark infringement, malware, etc.

The dynamic team is constantly growing and adding new skills and expertise. We continue to improve our capabilities and efficiencies by partnering with our internal engineering team. Together we create inhouse tools and integrations that help automate our processes to benefit our clients and make us more efficient. This way we are able to more quickly help our customer fight online cyber and fraud threats. 

This post was first first published on TM News – ThreatMark’s website by Greg Myers. You can view it by clicking here