Malware evolves constantly. Your security should too.

Every minute, four companies fall victim to ransomware attacks.”

In fact, here’s what DataProt said in a recent report:

Is your anti-malware keeping pace?

In response to the surge in malware attacks, the number of defensive technologies has increased to try and combat the malware problem. But these defenses still remain based, to some degree, on the concept of detection and the problem with detection-based defenses is that they can only detect what they have “seen” before.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning algorithms are useful, but they’re really just using computing power to try to detect a previously seen threat faster. In response, cybercriminals are constantly looking to attack an organization with malware that the defense hasn’t seen before and therefore regards as safe.

Over the years cybersecurity has made great attempts to strengthen these defenses. Sandboxes can help, but attackers have learned how to spot them, as well as still relying on detection to identify any threats.

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It’s time to get ahead of malware by taking a true Zero Trust approach.

That’s why companies should be looking to implement new approaches to malware protection to bolster their current cyber defenses.

Zero Trust CDR operates at scale, delivers malware-free data, documents and images, requires no endpoint agent software, and does not impact the user experience. Trusted by many of the world’s most targeted militaries, governments, critical industries and commercial organisations to provide protection against even the most sophisticated cyber threats.

Zero Trust Content Disarm & Reconstruction (CDR) is designed around a high consequence, high assurance, true Zero Trust approach. Where all content is assumed to be potentially malicious. Forcepoint’s unique technology ensures that none of the original data will ever reach the endpoint.

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