The Million-Dollar Question in 2022

In a world where you can work from anywhere (and everyone knows it!), what keeps a person where they are or intrigues them to look elsewhere?”

  • That’s good news for the industry.
  • That’s good news for job seekers.
  • And that’s good for cybersecurity companies.

… If they are quickly adapting to the evolving needs and desires of talent in the market!

Some days it still feels like we’re coming out of hibernation into a vastly different atmosphere than ever before. Re-learning how to safely come together in person. Reminding ourselves what work/life blend balance works best for us and our families. Reinvigorating our passions – both inside and outside of company walls.

I’m Emilie McLaughlin, newly appointed Chief People Officer of Forcepoint – the company that simplifies security for the world. And that’s the million-dollar question we’ve found ourselves asking as humans, Human Resources professionals, and as companies in 2022.

And I could not be more excited to support Forcepoint’s forward momentum in our journey to cybersecurity excellence.

What an opportunity the cybersecurity industry is offering us to stretch ourselves and grow—whether within an existing role or into something beyond—as I have recently done.

We’ve started by focusing on people, gone back to the basics, and made enhancements to a few fundamentals:

So how is Forcepoint answering the question and adapting our attraction and retention strategies to foster an engaged workforce?

Forcepoint works closely with our medical administrators to follow published medical policy guidelines for all types of care, including fertility, transgender affirming care and gender reassignment services. The company also provides fully paid parental leave for all employees growing their families, including leave for birthing parents, non-birthing parents and adoptive parents.


Forcepoint prioritizes work/life blend and believes recharging when we need it helps us maintain balance, focus and productivity. We offer a full hybrid work environment, and most jobs can be done 100% remotely. Our teams in the United States enjoy flexible PTO, and Forcepoint’s benefits are evaluated regularly to ensure coverage is inclusive for all employees and their families. We’ve enhanced benefits to include fertility coverage, subject to lifetime maximum limits, for all employees.


Our intention at Forcepoint is to foster a human-centric culture. Welcoming and embracing the individuality that makes us each tick – while recognizing it’s our collective spirit that makes us who we are. We are committed to taking the necessary steps to create a culture more attuned and inclusive of the passions, perspectives, and potentials of all.

Because we know wellbeing is collective of both physical and mental wellness, memberships to and free mental health care services, amongst many other resources, are other perks of working at Forcepoint.

You’ll find us taking every opportunity to educate ourselves and celebrate global cultural holidays, milestones, and impactful moments. Just take a peek the at trending tag, #WeAreForcepoint, on LinkedIn.

And that means we’re deliberately creating a psychologically safe culture at Forcepoint where people can bring their authentic selves to work here and truly thrive.

We’ve taken another purposeful step to realize this culture through a new partnership with Fairygodboss: The largest career community for women. We’re proud to take an active, intentional step to shrink the gender gap in cybersecurity. Our partnership with Fairygodboss will not only create a community space for women at Forcepoint to connect, but it offers us a platform to attract new female talent into our organization.

A Focus on Diversity

Forcepoint simplifies security for the world. We believe we can also do our part to amplify gender equality in the cybersecurity industry.

Together with partnerships like Jopwell and Fairygodboss, Forcepoint is making a commitment to enhance diversity and diversity of thought in our organizational DNA.

And, hot off the press, we’re proud to announce our brand-new partnership with Jopwell: The first and leading diversity and inclusion technology company representing and advancing careers for Black, Latinx, and Native American students and professionals.

We may not have the answer to every single question! But our driving force will always be our people and we’ll continue to make choices to foster an engaged workforce of people who love what they do. We think you’ll do the best work of your career at Forcepoint. Help us secure the future. Start in 2022.

Our dynamic global team at Forcepoint spans over 40 countries and is transforming cybersecurity through innovative ideas and a drive to win. Made up of amazing people on collaborative teams, we create award-winning, groundbreaking solutions that foster safe and trusting environments.

Discover why Forcepoint is a great place for women: Visit our Fairygodboss portal to learn more.   

Check out Forcepoint’s open positions at Careers with Forcepoint.

This post was first first published on Forcepoint website by Emilie McLaughlin. You can view it by clicking here