Are you SURE your security platform is helping your business?

In short, most security products focus on “what” they’re doing rather than what they’re doing for you. That’s backwards. Nobody deploys security for fun; they do so to achieve important outcomes for their business. They don’t want reams of data they have to dig through or feed to complex SIEM systems, they want concise insights into what is happening, what the costs are, and what money they are saving by stopping breaches or policy violations.

You keep adding security products, but it often feels like you’re on a treadmill. Running all the time but not sure whether you’re making progress. Sure, most security products will give you log files, reports, and dashboards. But people frequently tell us that this approach seems to be either too detailed, not detailed enough, or just simply random. In the end, it just doesn’t help.

That’s why we at Forcepoint are taking a different path. As part of our mission to simplify security, we’ve created a new insights-driven technology we’ve dubbed “Symphony” that we’re previewing at RSA Conference 2022. Just as SASE and SSE are reinventing security capabilities as converged services, Symphony is taking a platform approach. It brings together diverse sources of information and applies analytical models dynamically to distill the flood of security data into what really matters to C-level executives and security professionals.

Security is an investment—you should know what return you’re getting.

For example, Symphony tells you at a glance what you’re protecting and helps you understand what you’re not. For example, how often are unmanaged devices being used? What about unsanctioned cloud apps? Best of all, it builds in financial models of the impact your security is having (customizable to your particular environment, of course) so that you can quickly prove the impact you’re delivering to your organization.

Forcepoint Technology Preview - Symphony Dashboard

With Symphony, you can quickly build your own views to explore what’s happening in your environment and zero in what you need to know. It’s one system that your executives and your analysts can all use to get what they each need—consistently, with reproducible results rather than duels over whose data is right.

And that’s just the start. Symphony provides instant visualizations across a range of categories such as data security, threat protection, risky applications, policy violations, and even network traffic. But these charts and graphs aren’t just pretty pictures; they’re interactive tools that make it easy to filter information and even get to the details with just a few clicks.

We’ll be saying a lot more about Symphony in the coming months. We want to bring an end to the complexity and uncertainty that surrounds security and the business value it provides. To play off our tagline, we see it as “Security Value. Simplified.”

Forcepoint Technology Preview - Insights that Symphony delivers

If you’re at RSA Conference 2022, feel free to stop by our booth N-5965 and see Symphony in action. 

This post was first first published on Forcepoint website by Jim Fulton. You can view it by clicking here