SWG: The Third Key Component of an SSE Platform

Forcepoint ONE SWG diagram

As part of the Forcepoint ONE SSE platform, our SWG can use the same advanced threat protection and data security technologies that our Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) and Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) service use to keep malware out and sensitive data in.

But that’s not all. Not only does our SWG include full data loss prevention to prevent theft of compliance-controlled data (such as personally identifiable information, PII) and intellectual property, it also protects remote and hybrid workers from nasty stuff on the internet. Watch this space for more details shortly.

Unlike other vendors’ SWGs, ours has two distinct advantages. First, it leverages the Forcepoint ONE platform, which has a history of 99.99% uptime since 2015, roughly 300 points of presence around the world, and fast peering with major cloud environments and applications for great performance. Second, it uses a distributed enforcement architecture that enables the majority of the user’s web traffic to be exchanged directly between the user and the website rather than having to detour through a service in the cloud, as shown in the figure below. This results in users having almost twice the throughput compared to other SWGs.Forcepoint ONE infrastructure on AWS

Interested in learning more? Watch a video of our SWG in action on our website.

This post was first first published on Forcepoint website by Jeff Birnbaum. You can view it by clicking here