SSE Platforms are Taking CASB to the Next Level

Forcepoint ONE CASB

Take, for example, the Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) capabilities within Forcepoint ONE. Drawing on technology that was a 3-time leader in Gartner’s CASB Magic Quadrant, it plays a crucial role in our SSE platform.

As part of the Forcepoint ONE platform, our CASB can work with information from multiple sources (such as our web proxy or your firewall) to identity and display unmanaged “shadow IT” applications that people might be using in place of sanctioned apps that your organization prefers. And it can even highlight when a user’s credentials might have been stolen with our patent-pending Zero Trust Impossible Travel technology.

You can set policies for any cloud apps—including your own custom applications—to ensure that they are accessed by the right people in the right way. More importantly, you can make sure that that sensitive data is properly secured, such as optionally allowing people to use an app from a BYOD personal device while preventing them from downloading data or uploading files that contain malware.

Interested in the details? You can learn more, including watching a video of our CASB in action, on our CASB website.

Providing this level of security in a way that is reliably available—all the time—also requires a different approach. Unlike CASB products that run in proprietary data centers (often only a small number of them), the Forcepoint ONE cloud-native platform, which powers our CASB, runs in an industry-leading hyperscaler so that it can automatically scale up and down as needed. In addition to having 300 points of presence around the world, our platform has a history of 99.99% uptime since 2015 and fast peering with major applications for the best performance.

This post was first first published on Forcepoint website by Jim Fulton. You can view it by clicking here