Turbocharging your IT Service Desk

Increase Productivity, While Building a Foundation for More Automation and Innovation

The demands on IT Service Management (ITSM) have never been greater. Internal and external ITSM customers demand more efficient, “one-stop-shop” service. Management requires greater productivity and demonstrable ROI.

Today’s ITSM landscape is increasingly complicated. There are more work-from-home employees and hybrid work models are commonplace. They must handle different devices and easily downloadable apps, SaaS enterprise applications, and multicloud environments. All of this comes as an added challenge at a time when securing the enterprise has become a top priority.

Together BeyondTrust and ServiceNow seamlessly enable your enterprise to increase productivity, strengthen your security, and meet compliance requirements.

The combined BeyondTrust and ServiceNow® solution helps organizations:

  • Increase service desk productivity
  • Improve first call resolution rates
  • Deliver a superior, low-friction support experience.

Together, we help your service desk demonstrate greater flexibility and value to the business. Integrating BeyondTrust identity and privilege management directly into the ServiceNow workflow lets you create a secure foundation for more automated, intelligent, and innovative ITSM processes.

These integrations are the natural outgrowth of the 10+ year BeyondTrust and ServiceNow strategic partnership. ServiceNow also sits on the BeyondTrust Partner Advisory Board, and both organizations use each other’s enterprise solutions, including these very integrations. The integrated applications are certified by ServiceNow and are fully supported by both organizations. You can download the applications directly from the ServiceNow marketplace.

Benefits of Integrated and Extended Remote Support

By integrating BeyondTrust Secure Remote Access and ServiceNow ITSM, you can deliver a smoother support experience and improved service levels across departments, with more comprehensive end-to-end processes. Here are some examples of the synergies derived via our combined solution offerings:

  • Initiate a support call directly from a ServiceNow incident or change record simply by clicking “Get Support Now,” which opens a session directly with the user – either a check-in, or a full screen sharing session.
  • Enable easy, seamless, and secure access to desktops, servers, and systems quickly – without having to revert to a third external system. There is no chair-swiveling (nor, as we will see below, cutting and pasting data from screen to screen).
  • Sessions can be initiated for virtually any device at any location: Windows, Mac, Linux, iPhone, Android, even portable tracking devices like Zebra.
  • With credentials secured by BeyondTrust and automatically integrated with the ServiceNow workflow, users no longer have to scramble or use additional applications to gain access. This integration also goes a long way toward eliminating vulnerabilities in your ITSM processes.
  • Users can even launch a privileged session from a ServiceNow change record and perform privileged actions, such as configurations or change management, directly from a change request. The service desk now has all the tools from a single screen to get the job done more efficiently across systems. Team members don’t have to go searching for the right tools and permissions to connect to each device. All this happens centrally, seamlessly – and securely.

A Secure Foundation Enables More ITSM Automation

The seamless integration of ServiceNow ITSM with BeyondTrust Remote Support and security applications also establishes the secure, cohesive data and system landscape that is critical for further orchestration and AI enhanced automation.

Integrated Remote Support means all details, such as chat sessions and user notes, are automatically appended to the ticket — no cutting and pasting from one screen to another. Automating such routine tasks not only saves time; it also reduces error. This information can then be leveraged by ServiceNow Predictive Intelligence using machine learning to better and more quickly identify similar problems. In essence, you have established a positive productivity feedback-loop!

By utilizing the Remote Support Vault, service desk users can automatically retrieve privileged credentials for support and provisioning activities. Credentials are not seen by users; the process simply allows them to do their jobs faster. This includes admin rights when service desk employees need to fix configuration problems or set up systems. In that case, they are presented with three options: prompt the end-user, use stored credentials, or specify their own. When automatically using stored credentials, routine tasks become more amenable to automation, like setting up printers, or helping with new technology adoption by onboarding new devices.

Deliver More Value and Innovation for the Business

The BeyondTrust and ServiceNow partnership offers a more productive, secure ITSM solution. Expanding your ServiceNow ITSM with BeyondTrust integrations can help you:

  • Expand coverage across departments, a remote workforce, and supply-chain partners
  • Better align ITSM with changing business needs and demonstrate IT leadership and value
  • Position IT executives as innovative business leaders
  • Play a major enabling role in the ongoing digital transformation of your organization.

You can deliver more value with automated processes and machine learning built on a consolidated, secure foundation. For example, when moving employees, applications, and systems to the cloud, a fully enabled ITSM (with remote support, unattended jump sessions and automated, centralized credentials) can more quickly identify support issues and share fixes. The service desk can even work behind the scenes to move applications, files, and permissions to smooth the digital transformation.

These integrations are fully certified and supported by ServiceNow and BeyondTrust. They are available on-premises or cloud-based, and they can be downloaded from the ServiceNow marketplace.

Photograph of Kevin Alexandra

Kevin Alexandra, Director, Technology Alliances

Kevin has over 15 years experience implementing IT security services and solutions across some of the world’s largest and most complex enterprise environments. As a BeyondTrust veteran, Kev has been involved in hundreds of deployments, projects with millions of endpoints, and a plethora of different use cases. He brings this relevant perspective to the Technical Alliances Program to ensure our technology integrations continue to bring value to our customers.

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