Radware DDOS Emergency On-Boarding

In some Adriatic countries, customers start to see more threat activities including DDoS focused on banks and GOV organizations. We are proposing “emergency on-boarding” option to help the customers which could be a target or victim of such attacks.

Dealing with and mitigating DDoS attacks when under attack can be challenging. Radware offers a one-time Emergency Attack Mitigation Service for new customers to help mitigate on-going DDoS attacks, neutralize security risks and safeguard operations before irreparable damage occurs.

This fixed-fee service is offered to organizations that have not purchased Radware‘s security solutions but are experiencing a DDoS attack on their network. The service provides organizations that are actively under attack, the most efficient service and support to help resolve the situation.

For more information on how does the service work, please feel free to contact our Matic Knuplež over mobile phone (Viber/Whatsapp) on +386 41 470 511 or email me at matic.knuplez@real-sec.com

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