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Premier Children’s Hospital Finds Batch File Processing Easier with GoAnywhere MFT

Industry: Healthcare

A leading children’s hospital and go-to destination for families from around the world facing complex conditions. The sheer number of patient and financial files transferred in delivering these critical patient services demands a robust, enterprise-level file transfer process.

The Challenges: Batch Processes and Internal/External Requirements

With more than 150,000 files transferred each week, more than 200 projects in the works, and vendor, internal and external requirements for file security, this healthcare organization needed a software solution that was up to the task, especially when it came to their need for efficient, easy-to-use batch file transfers. After evaluating GoAnywhere MFT and starting out with a free license, the solution was ultimately selected over Oracle SOA MFT Suite and CorePoint. “GoAnywhere provided a comprehensive, centralized solution to replace Egate, an older trigger manager that was no longer being supported or being updated,” said their IT supervisor. GoAnywhere’s development team is continually releasing version updates with major enhancements to manage the file transfer process even better for users.

“Our previous provider couldn’t handle the batch processing we needed, with all jobs often getting stopped if just one file had an issue,” noted one of the hospital’s developers.

In addition to a high volume of primarily patient and financial files, vendors the hospital works with also have compliance and security standards to meet, some requiring PGP certificates and/or SSH keys. Some vendors also receive transfers to a SQL database for review and the files sent by the organization are simply too large to send without MFT. As a healthcare provider, they need to meet compliance specifications of their vendors and secure managed file transfer meets those needs. GoAnywhere also supports SFTP, an internal requirement of the hospital for any files sent over FTP.

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GoAnywhere MFT is the Right Prescription for Batch File Transfers

From the IT side, the IT department supervisor noted that using the software’s templates for projects saves a lot of time. “What took our old solution a week to complete, GoAnywhere can handle in one day,” he said, recalling a 5,000-file migration that had previously been done sporadically.

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All batch processing goes through the IT department, so GoAnywhere has become the enterprise batch process application for patient and financial information.

GoAnywhere MFT is Easy to Use

GoAnywhere, part of HelpSystems automation and security suite, is a robust MFT solution and meets all the IT team’s requirements for security and automation. In addition to utilizing the Advanced Workflow module, the facility also takes advantage of the HTTPS web client add-on Secure Folders. GoAnywhere is a comprehensive prescription for file transfers and the hospital’s IT team appreciates the short learning curve and lack of barriers to use the software.

“Most of our users are not technical but we find more and more departments and groups are gravitating toward the secure control and centralization they get with GoAnywhere,” said the IT supervisor. Because GoAnywhere can be configured to run file transfer tasks automatically with the ease of a familiar, dashboard-style user interface, the department and users save incalculable time and effort. “We, and our users, appreciate the ‘set it and forget it’ ease of this software,” he added.

The healthcare provider’s IT team also appreciates that the Advanced Workflows module saves time and effort on more complicated file transfer jobs by replicating jobs with established templates.

Centralization is Key to Streamlining and Troubleshooting File Transfers

A key goal of the team is to centralize the file transfer process systemwide. While some departments are still doing their own transfers, the IT team is actively seeking out information about what types of configuration and archiving are needed and then working with users to tie these needs into a specific project. They are currently running 220 projects, which can be configured with unlimited tasks through the Advanced Workflow module. “This centralization will be very helpful, because if there is a file transfer failure, users know where to look to troubleshoot, and there are no longer multiple servers or solutions to address,” said the IT supervisor.

Help Desk Support Invaluable

“There is simply no issue that the HelpSystems help desk doesn’t know about or can’t get an answer for you on,” said the hospital’s developer. “You are not by yourself when you have a problem.”

“The ease of development, of using the web client, and the simplicity of executing jobs within the software has been a pleasant surprise,” added the developer. “Plus, we’ve found there is really little need for training or for programming background in using the product.”

GoAnywhere helps IT automate and secure the file transfer processes, freeing up the team to provide the technical support hospital staff needs to deliver care to their young patients and families.

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