Cybersecurity Survival Guide 2022 Edition

Many of the workplace changes accelerated by the pandemic are expected to endure, and a more durable hybrid work environment is taking root. The hybrid workplace has been called a “cybersecurity nightmare,” and “a hacker’s dream”. We have created this guide to help you understand the shifting threatscape and the security strategies and technologies you can put in place to mitigate the risks, while positioning your organization to safely reap the benefits of digital transformation (DX) and remote working.

What Does the Guide Include?

  • 1. Research-backed data and anecdotes illustrating how the attack surface is changing

  • 2. Analysis of how the threat actor’s path of least resistance is shifting

  • 3. A dissection of several worldshaking breaches over the past year and how they could have been dismantled at multiple steps

  • 4. Survival tips that will enable you to adapt, close security gaps, and reduce risk—all while achieving business benefits from the opportunities presented by the new normal

“In cyberspace, there exists no safe harbor. Every organization with a digital presence is exposed like an island amidst an angry, implacable ocean that seems to send wave after wave of cyber attack.”

Matt Miller, BeyondTrust

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